Cocktail van Qatar

Camel racing, fishing, kayaking and sailing

Cocktail van Qatar

Travel past the old and new Qatar

The sport of the sheiks, the camel race, is still Qatar's most popular pastime. But what happened in the desert a hundred years ago is now happening on specially constructed racetracks. The jockeys have since been replaced by robots.

This cocktail of old and new, you will encounter everywhere during this trip through Qatar. In the capital Doha, where the newly cobbled streets of Souq Waqif still have the old market atmosphere. In the northern port city of Al Khor, where traditional dhows and modern ships are together anchored. Or in the south, where camel and 4WD head side by side into the desert. You don't have to travel 'side by side'. Because for those who want to, a car is ready on arrival. So you can choose a cocktail from the Qatar map every day.

Tips & Tops of Qatar cocktail:

  • Activity has moved into the oil fields. But the stories still sing around in the port of Al Khor: old fishermen tell of the time when money was made from pearl diving
  • The mangrove forests of Thakkira are not just a feast for the eyes. Ears open to the tweeting of the many birds that houses here!
  • The Al Zubarah Fort is a World Heritage Site and is located in an 18th century trading town on the Gulf
  • From the island of Safliya you have panoramic views of Doha
  • Sail the waters of the gulf on a traditional Arab dhow (sailing ship) and more to on the island of Safliya. For those who want to get back on the water, the diving suit or the water skis are ready
  • Do you fall asleep because of the quiet rhythm of the camel? Explore the desert by 4WD: behind every bend a new dune - a new challenge
  • Swap the lights of the city for the stars of the desert during an overnight stay in a Bedouin camp
  • Islamic heritage shines in the Museum of Islamic Art, designed by architect Leoh Ming Pei, who also designed a wing of the Louvre in Paris
  • Visit the racecourse where the country's fastest camels compete against each other. No contest? Then there's probably a training you can attend.
  • Art and culture can be found in Katara along the coast. Enjoy the sunset in the Gulf with the first sounds of an outdoor concert in the background


Daily overview

1 Arrival Doha
2 Northern Qatar, via port city of Al Khor to Al Zubarah Fort
3 With a dhow (traditional sailboat) to Safliya Island
4 Desert safari & visit inland sea
5 Doha: Museum of Islamic Art, West Bay, Souq Waqif
6 Kayaking through the Mangroves of Thakkira
7 Visit stadium camel races, museum Sheikh Faisal and Cultural Village Katara
8 Roundtrip


Doha skyline

It's like they're in a window. The buildings that dominate Doha's skyline are willingly admired from the waterfront. Gleaming with pride to all the attention they get.

Capital with allure

Modern architecture will not surprise anyone. But the combination with antique souk is surprisingly stylish. So is the hip boulevard with ancient Islamic art. Doha has taste.

Souk Wakif

To unravel the warren of alleyways, Souk Wakif has been completely rebuilt. However, getting lost is not a thing of the past. The souk is still a maze of narrow streets.

Sea and sand

Water in the desert. It seems like a miracle, but it's true. The inland sea of Qatar suddenly comes up from the sand. Big waves do not need this sea to surprise visitors.

Forts Zubara and Al Koot

Forts of a bygone era. They have done their job but have not lost their status. They stare proudly into the distance. Their towers visible from afar. But their walls are not as impenetrable as before.


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