Tour Pearls of the Gulf

City stripping & island hopping, the best of both worlds

Tour Pearls of the Gulf

Dubai, Doha, Sir Bani Yas and Banana Island

Always wanted to know how a sheikh or sultan lives? During this journey, you will discover it. The luxury and comfort are excellent, even by the standards of the average sheikh. The cities of Dubai and Doha welcome highly honored guests with open arms. Confidently, they show their opulence and success. Determined to impress visitors with their tallest buildings and largest shopping malls. But without denying their origins. Futuristic architecture stands reverently alongside traditional buildings. The message is clear: here is what is not possible anywhere in the world.

The islands off the coast of the Gulf states have not yet presented themselves so confidently to the world. But anyone who sets foot here can count on princely treatment. A private driver or seaplane brings 'sheikhs and sultans' to the right destination on the island. Here the beach chairs are ready and a spot is already reserved in the spa. There's one thing you have to do here yourself: enjoy yourself.

Tips & Tops Tour Pearls of the Gulf:

  • The Desert Island Lodge on Sir Bani Yas has its own horse stables. Driving lessons or beach rides are organised for the guests of this resort
  • Face to face with a cheetah. A safari should not be missed on Sir Bani Yas. By jeep but also walking or on a mountain bike you can look for the natural inhabitants of this island
  • The mangroves surrounding Sir Bani Yas are best explored by kayak
  • Banana Island: Qatar's latest resort sprawled across the island
  • The waters around Banana Island are at least as beautiful as the island itself. And dive center has all the essentials to explore them
  • Experienced boaters can wakeboard or windsurf on Banana Island
  • Cruise along the Banana Island coast for stunning views of the Doha skyline
  • Dubai is more than the Burj Khalifa and the spray-painted palm island. A city trip is not complete without a visit to Bastakia, the old part of the city
  • Day in Doha: Souk Waqif,the Al Koot fort and a walk on the Corniche should not be missing from the program


Daily overview

1 Arriving in Dubai. By seaplane to Island of Sir Bani Yas (off the coast of Abu Dhabi)
2 Safari on Sir Bani Yas
3 Walking the island, snorkeling and kayaking along the mangroves
4 Transfer to Banana Island (off the coast of Qatar)
5 Cruise over Arabian gulf
6 Diving, deep-sea fishing or jet skiing around the island
7 Day in Doha
8 Flight to Dubai & Day in Dubai


Doha skyline

It's like they're in a window. The buildings that dominate Doha's skyline are willingly admired from the waterfront. Gleaming with pride to all the attention they get.

The Dubai Mall

Total confusion lurks. Not crazy with so much choice. Fit? Try? Inside, or just looking in the window? The Dubai Mall has more than seems possible.

Capital with allure

Modern architecture will not surprise anyone. But the combination with antique souk is surprisingly stylish. So is the hip boulevard with ancient Islamic art. Doha has taste.

The Old City of Dubai

Tall and shiny, the skyscrapers demand all the attention. But if you look behind this wall of modernity, you will discover the Arab fishing village of yesteryear.


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