From arctic tundra in the far North to deserts in the deep South, and everything in between


From arctic tundra in the far North to deserts in the deep South, and everything in between


Varied and rough

From the biting cold of the Arctic tundra in the extreme North to the merciless heat of the desert in the extreme South; the 50 states of America cover with their surface many climatic zones from which a dizzying variety of landscapes has arisen. You will find beautiful national parks, each with their unique flora and fauna, which will all amaze you.

Yellowstone NP , hunting ground of grizzly bears, cougars and wolves, is the epicenter of geothermal activity. Walk among psychedelic seas of color of microorganisms, towering explosions of boiling water and steam to the viewpoint of the Lower Falls where the Yellowstone River thunders into the canyon of the Grand Canyon.

Surrender to the scorching heat and enjoy the dramatic views of the Grand Canyon NP come to you. During a helicopter flight you will experience the immensity, the depth, the light ... without distracting yourself from the Rim and absorb the enchanting sight of two billion year old rock formations in all shades of red.

Climb, hike, swim or ski your way Yosemite National Park , where granite walls with waterfalls and emerald green valleys alternate with giant redwoods. Experience the unparalleled magnificence of Half Dome's gigantic profile, the colossal presence of El Capitan, and the drenched mists of Yosemite Falls.

Mules will take you to secret oases, desert labyrinths, majestic arches and mystical passageways Bryce Canyon NP , a massif permeated by Native American stories with almost alien, erosion-formed limestone and sandstone pinnacles. A beautiful geological work of art hoodoos in cream, pink and red that contrasts fabulously with the clear blue sky.

Explore Everglades NP , the largest subtropical wilderness in the States by high-speed airboat. Surrounded by American alligators and the rarest bird species, you'll glide through mangroves and swamps and soar over the shallow River of Grass.

Quirky Hawai'i Vulcanoes NP is a changeable microcosm of craters, hills of ash and fossilized lava pools interspersed with flowering rainforests and fairytale green valleys and oases. Follow the spectacular trail over Kīlauea Iki for a phenomenal spectacle of large clouds of steam, splashing fire and a swirling lava flow that hisses into the ocean.

Alaska is an unspoilt, rugged destination par excellence, characterized by immeasurable voids, remote communities, exuberant nature and grand landscapes. Travel by dog sled between moose and reindeer, wolves and foxes, black bears and grizzlies and brave the extreme cold and short days with the ultimate reward of the dancing Northern Lights.

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