Special islands

Australia's wildlife pearls

Special islands

Australia's wildlife pearls

Special islands

Lord Howe Island

The last paradise

Lord Howe Island is a small, green volcanic island that rises dramatically from the sea. It has two majestic mountains overlooking an idyllic lagoon, perfect half-moons of beach and a green interior that is laced with hiking trails. Isolated from the rest of the world, flora and fauna could go about their business here for millions of years unperturbed. With his unique collection of plants, birds, marine life and exceptional natural beauty, Lord Howe doesn't allow himself to be compared to anything. It's the "last paradise."

Kangaroo Island

Valhalla for nature lovers

An elongated strip of South Australian Valhalla; Kangaroo Island is home to perhaps the densest and most varied natural menagerie of wildlife in Australia.

Surrounded by the crashing surf of the Southern Ocean, the National Parks-studded island is like a lifelike Noah's Ark. In addition to the ubiquitous 'rose', wallabies, koalas and hundreds of bird species, coastal paths provide a vantage point for observing fur seals dancing through the water and sea lions sunbathing on the beach. Ki is also every foodie's dream; it serves delicious local produce such as ligurian bees honey, sheep's cheese and all kinds of seafood with Maroon as an indigenous specialty.

Lizard Island

Natural outdoor playground

Rocky, mountainous terrain with shimmering white beaches and spectacular reefs for snorkeling and diving; Lizard Island is the beautiful National Parks-covered main island of the archipelago of the same name. Once a sacred place used by the Dingal for initiation ceremonies, today it is the natural outdoor playground of guests of the exclusive Lizard Island Resort. With the
Great Barrier Reef
on your doorstep and a stunning array of adventure activities at sea, this is the perfect place to go under the radar. Where the world can't find you...

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