Eclipse Trip Northeast Greenland 2026

Wonder and ecstasy in an Arctic landscape
14-day cruise

Eclipse Trip Northeast Greenland 2026

Wonder and ecstasy in an Arctic landscape
14-day cruise

Eclipse Trip Northeast Greenland 2026

Wonder in an arctic landscape

An expedition cruise to the Arctic is always without question impressive, a visual spectacle of exceptional scenery and extraordinary light. Truly unique is such a journey as this is built around a total solar eclipse. Leading up to that absolute highlight of the trip, the ship sails to magnificent fjords, glaciers and you will go ashore several times in sparsely inhabited areas. The days are intense, a mix of constant wonder and familiarization with the rules of life on board and during the excursions. Everything is different in this extreme corner of the world. Meanwhile, excitement is building toward the day of the solar eclipse.

Ecstasy and supreme concentration

The sky still betrays nothing of what is to come as you seek your spot - aboard or ashore - to watch the solar eclipse. Then comes the signal: the "first contact" of the moon sliding in front of the sun! Even experienced eclipse hunters are absorbed in the intensity of every second and minute that follows. Observe the succession of astronomical phenomena, but especially feel the ecstasy when the sun's light really goes out for a few minutes and the temperature drops in the moon's shadow. As the first rays of sunlight brush past the moon again, you gradually awaken from supreme concentration. Welcome back, you are traveling in the Arctic! Just like that, you can order drinks aboard the comfortable, warm ship and chat with your fellow travelers about this truly unique experience. Where the world can't find you...

Tips & tops Eclipse Trip Northeast Greenland 2026:

  • This eclipse trip is operated by Oceanwide Expeditions
  • There are two departure dates days apart with different types of cruise ships: m/v Hondius and m/v Plancius. The program of both trips is largely similar. The route may be modified if a passage is blocked by pack ice
  • Start in Longyearbyen on the Svalbard archipelago also known as Svalbard, sail through the northeast side of Greenland to Iceland, and end your journey in Reykjavik
  • Experts along the way give lectures on the ecosystems, flora & fauna, inhabitants of the region, and on the solar eclipse
  • There is regular activity ashore: for a brief exploration of flora, fauna and villages, and for - sometimes long and spirited - hikes across the tundra and across snow plains and slopes
  • By zodiac or kayak, take trips between ice floes and along the shores, looking for wild life
  • Scour the landscape and look for polar bears, Arctic foxes, musk oxen, Arctic hares, various species of seals, whales and seabirds
  • Observe unusual meteorological phenomena such as white rainbows and northern lights
  • Visit Ittoqqortoormiit, the largest village in the region with about 400 inhabitants

Practical information about this expedition cruise:

  • Shipping company: OceanWide Expeditions
  • Expedition ships: m/v Plancius and m/v Hondius
  • Length of expedition cruise: 14 days (excluding flight days)
  • Departure dates: Aug. 02, 2026 (m/f Hondius) and Aug. 03, 2026 (m/f Plancius)
  • Starting point: Longyearbyen – Spitsbergen
  • End point: Akureyri – Iceland

Your tailor-made trip

Daily overview

1 Arrival in Longyearbyen - free time to spend until all passengers board - sailing to Isfjorden
2 To Sabinehaugen and Raudfjorden
3-4 Crossing to East Greenland
5 To Foster Bay - ashore at Myggebugten - optional: long hike - sailing through Kaiser Franz Josef Fjord
6 To Teufelschloss and Arctic Sound - zodiac landing
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