Sailing Trip North Svalbard

In search of the Polar Bear in the arctic summer
11-day sailing trip

Sailing Trip North Svalbard

In search of the Polar Bear in the arctic summer
11-day sailing trip

Sailing Trip North Svalbard

In search of the Polar Bear in the arctic summer

This sailing trip to the north of Spitsbergen (Svalbard) takes you to the most remote and extreme areas of Europe in a unique way. The expedition visits historic sites, such as 17th-century whaling stations, set in spectacular landscapes with mountains and glaciers. Cruise through the rugged fjords and take many spectacular explorations among the ice floes by Zodiac. Take walks across the tundra and look for unusual polar animals, such as reindeer, arctic foxes, walruses, whales and, with any luck, the polar bear. Bird lovers can look out for little auks, eider ducks, red-throated divers, kittiwakes and kingfishers during the arctic summer, the breeding season.

Sailing ship Rembrandt van Rijn

The s/v 'Rembrandt van Rijn was built early last century as a herring lugger and was completely renovated in 2011 and made suitable for expedition cruises to Arctic islands and whale safaris. While sailing, passenger help is welcome for hoisting the sails, but it is not mandatory and you can also enjoy the amazing landscapes passing by. The sailing ship is manned by an experienced crew of 12, including two guides, and can accommodate up to 33 passengers.

TIPS & TOPS Sailing Trip North Svalbard

  • A cook prepares three simple but good buffet-style meals daily
  • Explore the former mining town of Longyearbyen and its impressive polar museum
  • Trygghamna, the "Retained Port," was frequently visited by whalers in the 17th century to boil the tear oil from the bacon of bowhead whales
  • Hike to Alkhornet, a high cliff where many seabirds nest in summer; at the bottom of the cliff, reindeer graze and arctic foxes roam the lush tundra
  • At Fuglefjorden, with magnificent views of the Svitjodbreen and Birgerbukta, polar bears often forage near the rocky islets
  • In Birgerbukta and Ytre Norskøya are the remains of 17th century tear ovens, used for boiling out the tear oil
  • Raudfjord is a beautiful fjord dominated by spectacular glaciers; this is a favorite haunt of ringed seals, bearded seals and belugas and polar bears
  • The tundra plain near Reindyrsfly is home to many reindeer, as well as breeding birds such as red-throated divers and kingfishers
  • Liefdefjord is polar bear territory and this magnificent predator is therefore regularly observed; belugas are also regularly seen here
  • On the island of Fuglesangen, you can see at very close range a colony of Little auks
  • Magdalenafjord is one of the most beautiful fjords in Svalbard with many impressive glaciers
  • Visit the world's northernmost settlement, Ny Ålesund, once a coal mine but now a polar research center
  • At Forlandsundet, look for walruses on one of the sandbanks
  • Visit Fuglehuken, Willem Barents' "bird corner," where seals can be found in addition to many seabirds
  • At Isfjord you will visit vast tundra, spectacular geological formations and the typical glaciers that empty into the sea here

Practical information about this expedition cruise:

  • Shipping company: OceanWide Expeditions
  • Expedition ships: s/v Rembrandt van Rijn
  • Length of expedition cruise: 11 days (excluding flight days)
  • Departure dates: June and July 2024. Ask your travel specialist about other options
  • Start/end point: Longyearbyen, Svalbard

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Daily overview

1 Embarkation Longyearbyen; to the bay Trygghamna
2 Landing at Trygghamna; hike to the Alkhornet
3 Sailing to Fuglefjorden; on Ytre Norskøya
4 Sailing to Raudfjord and the Hamilton glacier
5 Landing on the Reindyrsflya
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