polar bears

Majestic arctic dwellers

polar bears

Rare and imposing

Out of fear and respect for the imposing polar bear, people in Lapland spoke the name 'polar bear ' did not matter, but he was called 'the old man in the fur coat' or 'God's dog.' You can find this endangered species, it is estimated that there are only about 25,000 individuals left in the wild, only in the Arctic area such as Spitsbergen , greenland , Arctic Alaska, Canada and the Russian Far East. Climate change and humans are the worst enemies. Polar bears will normally avoid humans, but unfortunately, due to the thinning pack ice, they are increasingly coming into contact with human-inhabited areas.

Take a beautiful polar journey and see for yourself how these hulking bears ride the ice rocks to the north when the pack ice retreats in summer to hunt for tasty seals. In addition to seals, polar bears fill their stomachs with musk oxen, caribou and reindeer, birds, eggs, carcasses of, among others, whales, walruses, but also other polar bears and plants.

Due to their weight, polar bears consume a lot of calories while sprinting. On land, a polar bear can reach about 40 kilometers per hour where necessary. Due to the great buoyancy, swimming is considerably faster.

Mating takes place in April or May, the road here is filled with fierce fights between hot-tempered males. For an entire week, the winner and his females then make love, after which the lady leaves to eat as much as possible and double her weight. In August or September she digs her burrow on land and goes into a resting state where her heart rate slows from an average of 45 beats per minute to 25 beats per minute. The cubs are born between November and February.

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