Responsible travel

Untamed sustainability

Untamed Travelling strives for a sustainable future; therefore responsible travel is of paramount importance to us. This is why we have long worked with partners who are committed to minimizing and offsetting our footprint and who invest in on-site development and education. With your travel activities you give a boost to the local economy and contribute to awareness of the importance of nature conservation and the protection of cultural heritage. This way we can enjoy all the endemic flora, fauna, cultures and natural phenomena on our beautiful planet for a long time to come. Where the world can’t find you…

Travel and contribute

By traveling with Untamed you as a traveler support many projects unnoticed. The right balance between environmental, social and economic aspects is of great importance and is increasingly recognized. Think of nature conservation, anti-syrup initiatives, but also social initiatives such as education and development of the local community. Travel sustainably and contribute! Where the world can’t find you…

How we contribute

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