Own initiatives

Our own initiatives?

  • We believe that even small adjustments can have a major impact. That is why we choose to send our travel documents digitally. Travel light!
  • We have also not been releasing new paper guides for several years. In this way we prevent unnecessary forest cutting and no CO2 emissions occur because no shipping is required. Our website is our showcase where you will find a lot of current inspiration.
  • We all work (paperless) from home in order to limit CO2 and nitrogen emissions and not unnecessarily burden the environment with maintaining, heating and cleaning an office space.
  • We joined forces with African Bush Camps and use art as a guarantee for nature conservation with ‘ Art in the Bush ‘, a project in which two artists could gain inspiration in the Zimbabwean bush for a month and create local awareness of the need for conservation and protection. Part of the proceeds from the auctioned works benefited the African Bushcamps Foundation, which invests in rural communities in vulnerable natural areas in Botswana , Zambia and Zimbabwe through education, support, infrastructure and conservation.