"Friendly people everywhere"

Laura and Pieter Quak-Verborg

Friendly people everywhere

Rwanda, what an extraordinary experience!

Laura and Pieter Quak-Verborg extended their trip through Kenya with a week in Rwanda, where after Kigali Volcanoes NP, Lake Kivu,  Visited Nyungwe Forest NP and Akagera NP.

Dear Ms. Jansen and dear Trees,

Our tour of Rwanda in July 2018 was even more beautiful than we already expected. Rwanda is considerably more than Vulcanoes National Park with the Golden Monkeys and the mountain gorillas we met of course. The hilly landscape is breathtaking, with beautiful tea plantations in the south. The meandering road from the north to the south is rightly called 'scenic' with beautiful views over valleys with villages and arable farming. Friendly people everywhere. Lake Kivus offers beautiful shores, islands and the distinctive fishing boats with their long stakes. In the south we have in Nyungwe Forest National Park visited chimpanzees, an adventurous trip. We concluded our visit to Rwanda with a few beautiful game drives in Akagera National Park .

What was particularly impressive for us, even though we are fairly experienced Africa travelers, involved visiting the Genocide Memorial in Kigali. It is good that we started the journey with that, because it made us realize during the rest of our tour how extraordinary it is that this country has developed over the past 25 years into the remarkably positive society that has received us so hospitably.

We enjoyed our trip. A big thank you to the people of Untamed Traveling and WOLF Rwanda.

We are already looking forward to our next trip with Untamed.

Laura and Pieter