Cultural travel

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Cultural travel

A cultural tour

In addition to the varied natural beauty in the different continents, each continent offers cultural treasures that are unique to the rest of the world. During a cultural tour, extra attention is paid to these treasures.

Take the Mayan culture in Central America or the impressive Inca heritage in Peru. Beautiful colonial cities in South America with historical centers that have been named UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Meet indigenous peoples like the Tarahumara Indians at the Copper Cañon in Mexico, the traditional Qeuchua and Aymara communities and their colorful markets in Peru or the cholitas, the distinctive Bolivian Indian women with their beautifully embroidered skirts (polleras) and black bowler hats.

While Africa is probably equivalent to vast savannas with large flocks of wildlife, the continent also hosts a number of invaluable cultural highlights. Visit the king cities in Morocco and the countless kasbahs. The greatest attraction of West Africa is the huge variety of culture. Many different population groups still live here very traditionally. Think of the Ashanti from Ghana,the Tamberma from Togo with their characteristic 'mud castles' or the Bamileke kingdoms in the grasslands of Cameroon. How about a trek with Masai warriors or Samburu, Swahili culture on Zanzibar or a visit to the Himbas in Namibia?

Travelling through Asia, enjoy the delicious cuisine, stunning temple complexes and colourful festivals. Be initiated into the ways of life of the ethnic peoples in the mountain areas or in those of the nomadic Bedouins in the desert. Marvel at Japan's whimsy, where centuries-old traditions live alongside high-end technology, where shinkansen continue alongside the silent zen gardens and onsen.

Every continent has its share of cultural heritage to offer. Australia is home to aboriginal culture, in North America you will find a melting pot of cultures through music and the Inuit in the Arctic still live according to ancient traditions. And Europe is also full of culture.

We would like to tell you more about the different cultures of our destinations.


We are happy to offer you a travel proposal that fully meets your expectations. The proposed trips on our website are primarily intended as inspiration, and show only a small selection of the possibilities. Tell us your wishes and let us tailor your trip. We are happy to advise you!

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Curious about our sample tours?


Athens and authentic Sifnos

Dynamic journey through culture and nature

Inca & Andes – Peru and Bolivia

A combination tour of Bolivia and Peru, visiting the highlights of both countries

Cultural travel AROUND THE WORLD

* This is only a selection of our offerings. For a customized trip contact us.

Travel to the native Huaorani tribe deep in the jungle and hunt with them for wild boars, piranhas and anacondas. Explore the Cotopaxi volcano and conclude with a brilliant Galapagos cruise.
Travel through the inhospitable Altaj, where golden eagles, eaglehunters and the mysterious snow leopard survive in a mythical landscape of cliffs, valleys and rocky slopes
An introduction to the extremes of Japan: modern cities and architecture and very traditional villages and towns full of history. Along the way, visit temples, shrines and castles, and stay in both modern hotels and traditional ryokans
The microcosm of glittering skyscrapers and lush greenery combined with the bustling cultivated cities on the Malaysian Peninsula and the still virgin nature of Borneo
Borneo with its dense jungle, mangrove forests and river landscapes and the melting pot of cultures in the historic and colonial cities will make a profound impression on this multifaceted journey through Malaysia, the heart of Asia.
Round trip through the national parks full of wildlife and archaeological sites. Through the cultural triangle, to royal cities, pleasure gardens and the sacred Temple of the Tooth
Smoothly travel to all corners of Laos for light walks, bike rides and boat trips. The essence of the country lies in its great natural and cultural diversity.
Travel to indonesia's undiscovered regions, meet the Dayak and Marapu populations, and trek into the impenetrable jungle of Ujung Kulon National Park and Kalimantan.


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