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China, an immense country bursting with enchanting contradictions. With one foot deeply rooted in the ancient past and the other advancing into the future; China is the crossroads where past, present and future converge. Where the grandeur of the Forbidden City, the 9,000-headed Terra Cotta army and the Great Wall – the largest construction project in history – are just a few of the historical riches and where the world's oldest civilization shines in development and innovation.Here you will find contrasts of sleepy rural villages that alternate with futuristic metropolises and deserts and plateaus that pass through fertile hills full of rice terraces into tropical rainforest. No country is so unique and unique. It is an evocative time machine where food has been the linchpin of social life for centuries. In short, a country with inexhaustible travel options for everyone. Where the world can't find you ...

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