Latin America

Latin America

Latin America

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Travel through Latin America means enjoying diverse landscapes, from the rugged volcanic Andes and deserts with enormous cacti to the immense rainforest of the Amazon. The continent has a great mix of cultures; the authentic Indian culture dominates in Peru , Bolivia , Ecuador and Guatemala In Central American cities you will find a lot of colonial architecture and on the Caribbean coasts you will feel Africa. Cities like Rio de Janeiro have a cosmopolitan appearance. Let yourself be seduced by a tango in Buenos Aires or explore mythical Patagonia ! Feel the mystical combination of ancient Mayan culture and overwhelming exotic nature in Guatemala or South Mexico . Meet the Indians and relax in exclusive accommodations on the crystal blue Caribbean coast. Or enjoy pure nature travel in sustainable Costa Rica and unknown Guyana . Also take a look in Colombia with unprecedented natural phenomena such as the highest waterfall in the world. Or how about a stay on the Galapagos Islands in safari tents or lodges to enjoy the many unique endemic animal and plant species in this area at your leisure.

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From the Mayan ruins in Mexico to the Inca heritage in Peru, from sea turtles in Suriname to jaguars in Brazil and penguins in southern Argentina. Untamed Traveling takes you on a journey to the highlights of Latin America, from a tango workshop in hip and hot Buenos Aires and shop till you drop in Rio de Janeiro to a wine tasting on an ancient finca.

Latin America is the destination for the traveler who likes to be surprised!

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