'Best of both worlds'


'Best of both worlds'

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Valhalla for nature lovers

Over the centuries, Indians, Chinese, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese and British set foot on land as explorers, traders, occupiers or administrators. The Malaysian Peninsula has been returned to its original inhabitants, what has remained is the legacy of different colors and aromas. In historic and colonial cities, this melting pot of cultures is striking, but it is the Malay language and traditions that forge unity.The vast majority of Malaysia's population lives on the Malaysian Peninsula, and much of the land is cultivated. In between, plenty of rainforest, with some exceptionally untouched areas. The smells and sounds of the forests, exciting journeys in the dense vegetation… What a contrast to the sometimes wonderfully chaotic bustle in the cities! It is precisely this versatility that makes this part of Malaysia so fascinating.

Malaysian Borneo

From the air, the vast rainforests of Sarawak and Sabah don't reveal their secrets, but beneath the green blanket of treetops hide special treasures. The orangutan is the icon of Malaysian Borneo, and behind this good-natured great ape follows a long parade of forest dwellers. Embark on an adventurous exploration of rivers and mountains, through dense jungle and mangrove forests, and be entranced by the exuberant, exceptionally diverse flora and fauna. This is a mecca for nature lovers.

Tropical Islands

The sheltered lagoons and deserted beaches of Malaysia's many islands and archipelagos are among the most beautiful in the world. The landscape is also beautiful under water. Divers can look forward to colorful prime locations.

Round trips Malaysia

We are happy to offer you a travel proposal that fully meets your expectations. The proposed trips on our website are primarily intended as inspiration, and show only a small selection of the possibilities. Tell us your wishes and let us tailor your trip. We are happy to advise you!

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Inspiration trips for Malaysia

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Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is a bustling metropolis with a multicultural character, the streetscape shows great contrasts. The list of attractive sights is long, and every meal is a culinary feast!

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Kinabatangan River

The 560 km long Kinabatangan River winds its way through the lush jungle of Sabah; the perfect starting point to see wildlife.

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Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park

Off the coast of Kota Kinabalu lies this tropical paradise with beautiful rainforests and white sandy beaches. The marine park is also an absolute prime location for divers.

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Embark on an adventurous exploration of rivers and mountains, through dense jungle and mangrove forests, and be enraptured by the exuberant, exceptionally diverse flora and fauna.

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Langkawi archipelago

Surrounded by the turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea are the 99 islands of the Langkawi archipelago. Only the four major islands are inhabited, the remaining 95 islands are pristine, idyllic gems.

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Royal Belum State Park

One of the oldest rainforests in the world and home to the Malay tiger, Withandgibbon, Asian elephant, Malay bear, Sumatran rhino and Malay Tapir.

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Kinabalu National Park

The highest mountain in Southeast Asia and borneo's greatest biodiversity can be found in this fascinating nature reserve.

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Street food mecca of Asia and loved for the special street art in the old town of Georgetown

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Danum Valley Conservation Area

The rainforest of the Danum Valley Conservation Area is one of the best preserved forests in Malaysia, it is one of the most complex ecosystems in the world. A secluded, unique destination for nature lovers.

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A colonial melting pot, synonymous with culture, street art and delicious Asian food

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Cameron Highlands

The scenic route through the Cameron Highlands leads through rainforests, past tea plantations, gardens and flower farms. High up in the mountains are the magical cloud forests.

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Kabili-Sepilok Forest Reserve

There are good reasons to spend a few days in the Kabili-Sepilok Forst Reserve. For starters, here you have the best chance of seeing an orangutan.

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