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From dry desert to the Dutch colonial capital, from quiet beaches to fun bays. Around every corner you will find a different wonder. Discover the unique and versatile island, which will embrace you with warm, sunny days and even warmer sunny people.


The capital of Aruba, Oranjestad, has a unique blend of old and new which gives the city tremendous charm. Discover fascinating restored historical monuments such as the Green City Hall. Take the state-of-the-art streetcar and meander through the city along Main Street. Visit Fort Zoutman, the oldest building in Aruba. Attend the Bon Bini Festival, which takes place every Tuesday in the courtyard, and enjoy folkloric dancers in traditional costumes, local music and art, and culinary specialties.


Aruba is blessed with many natural wonders. Climb the steps to the top of the Haystack formed by ancient volcanoes. Stroll the quiet sandy beaches on the west coast or explore the jagged bays on the north coast. Head into Arikok National Park, where beautiful Caribbean white sand beaches transition into rugged desert land, where towering green cacti alternate with limestone cliffs. Discover here two of the island's most pristine natural wonders, Fountain Cave & Natural Pool. Go horseback riding, mountain biking or get behind the wheel of an ATV or UTV and explore the scenic hinterland and breathtaking coastline.


The sun rises on the east side of the island, where San Nicolas is located. This makes this charming coastal town the best place to watch the sunrise. It is also home to the Aruba Art Fair, an annual festival where international and local artists create street art. A fantastic time to explore this city, when artists add much-needed color to abandoned paths and decaying walls.


Palm Beach with its white sand beaches, palm trees, piers and beach bars, the protected wetlands of Bubaliplas bird sanctuary, Fisherman's Hut a paradise for windsurfers and kiteboarders and spectacular snorkeling spots at Malmok, Boca Catalina and Arasha, you will find it in North Aruba, the epicenter of Aruba.

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