A unique adventure


A unique adventure

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Rainforest and unique wildlife in Guyana

The unknown Guyana is located in the north of South America. Few people live there, a large part of the country consists of pure nature. The remote areas of the country are home to savannas, pristine rainforest and raging rivers with spectacular waterfalls, but above all it is known for spotting unique big game such as giant anteaters and otters and black caimans. When you travel to Guyana, you also have a real chance of seeing the elusive jaguar. Let yourself be seduced by a unique adventure and the untouched nature of this country!

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A lively city with wooden houses and cosy markets

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Cowboys on the savannahs

Vast savannas where the vaqueros (cowboys) still float their cattle on horseback

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Iwokrama rainforest

Pristine wilderness, where you have a great chance to spot the jaguar or cougar

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The Kaieteur Waterfall

One of the highlights of Guyana

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