A natural gem with authentic cultures


A natural gem with authentic cultures

Suriname trips

Untouched natural beauty and authentic culture

By far the largest part of Suriname consists of overwhelming, pristine and untouched tropical Amazon rainforest with large, wide rivers as a means of transport. Discover this natural gem and enjoy the lively and exuberant way in which different cultures live side by side here. Feel welcome in cozy and colorful Paramaribo with fragrant dishes and beautiful wooden architecture. Get to know authentic cultures deep in the interior, for example that of the Indians in de Palumeu and that of the Wood Creoles, Maroons in the Above Suriname area . Witness the nesting of the sea turtles on the beach in Galib ; take a bike ride through the historic plantations in the Commewijne district or go birdwatching in the mangroves of nature park Bigi Pan .

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Bigi Pan at Nickerie

Wetland with exceptional flora and fauna

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Over Suriname area

Untouched nature, unforgettable adventures and delicious culinary surprises

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Galibi & sea turtles

At the mouth of the Marowijne River on the Atlantic ocean are beautiful beaches, where sea turtles come to lay their eggs

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