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Tolkien Landscapes

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Georgia is a fairytale beautiful country with Tolkien landscapes and a particularly rich heritage. The fertile valleys of the South Caucasus make it the oldest wine country in the world. Start your exploration of the Eurasian crossroads in the winding cobbled streets of lively Tbilis , get acquainted with the celebrated honest cuisine and let the national ballet introduce you to the elegance, strength and temperament of the people full of character. Try your luck in Batumi , the ancient modernized Pearl of the Black Sea, the Las Vegas of Georgia where the colorful collection of architectural styles will make you dizzy. Visit the Joseph Stalin museum in Gori for an example of personality cult and travel back in time in the mining town of Chiatura by cable car.Nature lovers seek their salvation in Kasbegi N.P. where extremely rugged mountain landscapes and rivers flowing through valleys form a true outdoor mecca. Really under the radar you go in the remote region Svanetia . Follow trails to hard-to-reach medieval villages and cave-cut towns where ancient cathedrals and towering watchtowers tower over a magnificent mountain landscape. Dive into the habitat of small communities of rough people, brown bears, Indian porcupines, wolves, lynx, hyenas, jackals, eagles and vultures.

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