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Untamed Travelling is tailor-made specialist for unforgettable trips where experience always comes first, worldwide. When you travel with Untamed, you choose high quality, extensive knowledge, personal service, small-scale accommodations, professional guidance and unique travel experiences. Where the world can’t find you…

With great frequency, we travel to our destinations to personally experience the latest changes. This allows us to inform you from our own experiences and knowledge. For more than 20 years.

How do we differentiate ourselves?

Personal contact

Untamed Traveling is a worldwide tailor-made travel specialist with over 20 years of experience. Our passionate travel consultants are eager to share their love for and knowledge of the destinations with you.

Authentic experiences

We design original routes, authentic activities in special accommodations from *** to top class, specially tailored to your wishes: no travel proposal is the same. We aim for a tailor-made offer within two working days.

Sustainable & safe travel

We only work with the best local agents with a high service level and an eye for sustainability. You book under the guarantee of ANVR, SGR and Calamiteitenfonds. We have flexible travel conditions and 24/7 availability in case of emergency as a matter of course.

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Verbruggen, Jozef

Jozef Verbruggen


I started Untamed with passion and love for the unknown. I am still enthusiastic about the unknown, new accommodations, pushing your boundaries. I regularly travel to our destinations to taste, experience and discover for myself. 

Traveling is looking at what is happening around you, but also discovering yourself. It doesn’t stop, the more you discover the more you want to know.  Everyone prefers to travel in their own way.  People, animals, landscapes, cultures; meet and discover.  We are all different, which makes it so interesting to share “adventure of a lifetime” with others.  

Janssen, Joyce

Joyce Janssen

General manager

I observed gorillas in Uganda, spent time in South Africa with my family, learned to dance the tango in Argentina, was enchanted by the underwater world of the Maldives and had my breath taken away by the landscapes of Antarctica… My love for travel and through Africa in particular brought me to Untamed, where I gained experience in various departments as I grew over the years. By connecting the departments together we realize the most beautiful trips where nothing is impossible, where everything is arranged to perfection. All you have to do during your trip is enjoy!

Steres, Petra van

Petra van Seters

Travel Designer Africa

I have been working as a travel specialist southern Africa at Untamed Travelling since April 2015. With over 25 years of experience in the travel industry, I have had the opportunity to visit and experience many beautiful destinations. One of my first encounters with southern Africa was during my honeymoon in Zimbabwe & Mauritius. That trip was unforgettable, partly because of the amazing nature, the beautiful animals and the special cultures. It was during this trip that my passion for this part of the world was born. I have gone back many more times, visiting South Africa, Botswana, Tanzania, Kenya & the Seychelles, among others. Happy to put together such an unforgettable trip for you too!

Boomsma, Mariëtte

Mariëtte Boomsma

Travel Designer Africa
Born and partly raised in Johannesburg, I am closely associated with South Africa. In late 2017, I joined Untamed Travelling as a Southern Africa travel specialist. During my many travels, I learned about the extraordinary sand dunes in Namibia, white water rafting on the Zambezi and the vast Okavango Delta in Botswana. How can I briefly express my Africa feeling? The intense colors, the tantalizing smells, the welcoming people and the sun that always shines. Africa is coming home for me. I would love to take you on a journey of discovery to this unforgettable continent.
Bavel, Michal van

Michal van Bavel

Travel Designer Africa

I started working in the travel industry in 1997. As a travel agent, I have visited many beautiful places around the world. Still, I have come to the conclusion that Africa is my home. Especially going on safari is an experience I never get tired of. The scents of nature, the sounds, all your senses will be stimulated! I really enjoy finding those special safari spots where you meet few other tourists and where the animals are right in front of your lodge, so to speak. Sleeping in a tent, hearing the sounds of the bush as you fall asleep and hearing a lion roar in the night makes me feel that I am really in Africa. Or as Ernest Hemmingway once so beautifully put it, “I never knew of a morning in Africa when I woke up and was not happy.”

Slot, Marc

Marc Slot

Travel Designer Europe

To me, traveling is the best way to come home. I have seen quite a few destinations and have a soft spot for North America, but even more than that: a passion for Europe. We often choose other continents to experience cultures and landscapes, but we overlook our own Occident.
As a Europe lover, it is therefore wonderful that at Untamed Traveling I can introduce you, together with my colleagues, to the beautiful nature, the different cultures, the gastronomic delights and, last but not least, the history of our own continent: from the landing beaches in Normandy to the Danube and its monarchies. In addition, I have a weakness for special train journeys and the gastronomic aspects of traveling or holidaying.
Let Europe surprise you. I would be happy to guide you in that!

Mali, Natascha

Natascha Mali

Travel designer Europe & Caribbean

The ultimate travel bucket list is personal to everyone, from a mysterious dream come true in Marrakech and adventures in the land of fire and ice to a road trip along the west coast of the United States and eating tapas in Seville… Traveling and especially the passion for travel is in my genes and I knew early on that I wanted to make this passion my profession. I now have more than 30 years of experience in the travel industry and I have been able to visit many beautiful destinations, in and outside Europe. I like to use the knowledge and experience gained and my enthusiasm to realize your dream trip.

As, Maureen van

Maureen van As

Travel Designer North America & Caribbean

From an early age, I knew that the travel world would be my world. When, at the age of eleven, you walk into the tourist information office of an Austrian village to ask if they have a job for you, that says it all… After high school, the choice for a tourism education was quickly made and with a diploma in my pocket, I started in 1985 as a salesperson at a chain travel agency in Bussum that would later become our own travel agency, together with my partner. Until in 2003 the travel itch really took over and I emigrated with my better half to St. Maarten. After a wonderful adventure we returned to the Netherlands in 2012 where I enthusiastically picked up the travel profession again.

Mariëlla Luijkx

Travel Designer North America
I started in the travel industry in 2003, a choice that was not very obvious since I did not start traveling until I was 24. I then booked a flight to northern Greece, rented a car and arranged a hotel through the owner of the local Greek restaurant. It was fantastic! That way of traveling has remained and by now I have had the opportunity to visit many wonderful countries. Central to my travels is nature. And whether it was the northern lights in Iceland, The Big Five in South Africa, the coyotes and national parks in America or the…
Evers, Robert

Robert Evers

Travel Designer Latin America

After studying business economics, I first embarked on a long journey through South America in 1996. Since then, I’ve been caught by the travel virus. I’ve been designing beautiful, original itineraries in Latin America for years now. In 2014, I joined the team at Untamed Travelling where my passion for Latin America made me feel at home immediately. So I can enjoy putting together and advising beautiful journeys, using my extensive travel experience. My favorite destinations are the Andean countries of Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru. I regularly return here to enjoy the beautiful nature, colorful indigenous festivals and colonial architecture. 

Karen van Goor

Travel Designer Latin America
My first encounter with Latin America was sweltering Santo Domingo in the mid-1980s. I felt like I had stepped into an old sultry movie; I haven’t been able to let go of the continent since. During and after my studies in Latin American Studies (Cultural Anthropology), I traveled frequently to South and Central America. I did research in the Dominican Republic, traveled extensively through Mexico, met the Indians of Guatemala. I made adventurous trips through Venezuela and Colombia and marveled at the colorful world of Ecuador. Then I spent 10 years guiding trips in Mexico, followed by several years in…
Koetsier, Carla

Carla Koetsier

Travel Designer Asia

With my passion and love for travel, I have been able to put together and sell many beautiful trips over the past 34 years and also be able to make and experience them myself. Every trip, every destination is unique, I enjoy the introduction to different cultures, beautiful landscapes but also the local cuisines. Besides South Africa, which after my first visit more than 20 years ago had conquered a very special place, my recent visit to Japan has also left an inseparable impression. Since April 2016 I have been working at Untamed Travelling to give you a great deal of fun – together with you – to shape your unique dream trip.

Jaspers, Tryntsje

Tryntsje Jaspers

Travel Designer Asia

After my studies I left for Australia to travel and work for a year. After which many trips and destinations followed. For India, a passion arose. The special culture, delicious cuisine and impressive nature of this country are things I never get tired of.

In my long career as a travel consultant I have always tried to convey my passion. After all, we can all visit a country. However, experiencing a country is quite another and finding that special and traveller-appropriate travel experience is what attracts me to working at Untamed Travelling. After all, not one trip is the same! I am happy to help you create the perfect travel experience.

Hermans, Michel

Michel Hermans

Travel Designer Asia
I celebrated my 30th birthday on the Trans-Siberian Express en route to Beijing. I had just quit my job and had a bright adventure and an uncertain future ahead of me. Over 25 years later, I may conclude that it was the right decision at the time. Asia has remained my favorite continent. The impressive nature, the colorful people and all those unique, tasty dishes make traveling in Asia a feast every time. As a travel specialist, I am happy to think with you about all aspects of the trip to put together the ideal program for you. It’s that…

Wietske van de Zande

Travel Designer Asia and Oceania
That travel is in my DNA is obvious. Right after college I left for New Zealand, where I then spent 25 years of my life, working in the travel industry. After returning to the Netherlands, this trend continued, because once a passion, always a passion for this special travel industry. Of course I know New Zealand better than anyone else, but in addition I have traveled in large parts of Australia, Africa and Asia, so I am at home in many markets. I look forward to working with you to mold the perfect itinerary, mixed with special experiences and experiences,…
Erps, Anke

Anke Erps

Reservations coordinator

Since the end of 2010, I have been working at Untamed Travelling as a Reservations specialist. Every day I, along with the reservations team, face the challenge of making sure you have a carefree dream trip. A challenge that I enjoy starting every day. I can’t wait to see more of Africa. After a first encounter with Africa during my travels through Tunisia and Morocco, I dream of a safari in South Africa, Kenya or Tanzania. My work at Untamed keeps my dreams alive!

Kampman, Jeanette

Jeanette Kampman

Reservations specialist
I have been with Untamed Travelling since 2022, but I have been working in the travel industry since 1992. Initially as a tour guide on Kos, then in the Maldives, the Caribbean and Africa. Next I ended up as a tour guide in Italy and I was sold. For over 10 years I lived and worked in this beautiful country and I still visit Sicily several times a year. I also traveled with my son through a number of European countries as well as South Africa, China and Oman, and I visited the impressive cities of Rome and New York.…
Schutter, Evelien

Evelien Schutter

Reservations specialist
Discovering new destinations is one of my favorite things to do. Travel is so addictive! The experience of other habits opens your eyes in many ways. It brings wonder and enriches your life. “Travelling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” While many countries are beautiful, I have lost my heart to the Caribbean and South America. I look forward to going through your journey with you and adding to your wishes if necessary.

Ingrid Hakkens

Reservations specialist
Making my own Vietnamese spring rolls on a cruise in Halong Bay, sleeping under the stars in the Erg Chebbi desert, biking on the city walls of Xi’An and dancing to Brazilian sounds in Arraial d’Ajuda, even though my moves were significantly less smooth than those of the locals… all unforgettable moments and wonderful memories made during vacations! After working as a tour guide and travel consultant for over 30 years, I joined Untamed Travelling in December 2022. I love being like a spider in the web and look forward to interacting with our clients, my colleagues, the travel agents…
Hollander, Tamara den

Tamara Hollander

Manager IATA

Since 2011 I have been working for Untamed Travelling and together with my colleagues I take care of the flights and the car rental. Before I joined Untamed, my experience was mainly in business travel and consolidation, but I became curious about what it would be like on the other side… tour operator. The best thing about work? Puzzling to find the most ideal flight option that suits the traveler. In the meantime, I have made two wonderful long journeys with my family, to South Africa and Sri Lanka. Furthermore, we like to go skiing and enjoy the holidays in Europe. Fortunately, there is plenty to be desired in terms of travel, I hope to make many more. 

Peters, Nathalie

Nathalie van Hemert

IATA Specialist

As of October 1, 2014, I joined Untamed Travelling. As a Flight & Car Rental Specialist, I am responsible together with my colleagues for the booking process of flights and car rentals for the most beautiful, special, exotic and tropical destinations, which I really enjoy doing. Before this, I spent many years working for several corporate travel agencies. Fortunately, I have seen a lot of the world. From Kenya to the Galapagos Islands but also Indonesia and the Netherlands Antilles were unforgettable trips. Of course, traveling never gets boring, which is why I hope to take some more great trips with my family in the future.

Weeda, Gerda

Gerda Weeda

IATA specialist

From an early age I knew I wanted to work at a travel agency. Not only to make beautiful trips myself, but also to help other people with unforgettable holidays. I have been working in the travel industry since 1986. I had my own travel agency for a long time. I myself have traveled a lot – first without and then with children. Our footprints are on many continents. We prefer islands with beautiful sandy beaches, we visited Tahiti, Bora Bora, Samoa, Cook Islands, Seychelles and Mauritius. Our last holiday was on Ameland; we decided that during our stay on the Big Island, Hawaii! Since February 2020 I search and book the best routes for your trip with Untamed Travelling in the Flights department. I will have little direct contact with you as a customer, but know that behind the scenes we do everything we can to make your dream trip run smoothly!

Admiraal, Marije

Marije Admiraal

IATA Specialist

I have always enjoyed working in the travel industry. First for a corporate travel company and now for Untamed Travelling. I really enjoy learning about this side of the travel industry and seeing what is involved in vacation travel. Together with my colleagues, I look for the most beautiful and comfortable flight routes to finally arrive at the destination.

I myself have experienced quite a few beautiful trips by now and am far from finished with this. Together with my family, I like to go to the less touristy places. We recently traveled through Europe by train with our two-year-old daughter. What a great adventure!

Geffen, Remco van

Remco van Geffen

Head of financial administration

Since December 2018 I have been working at Untamed Travelling as Head of Financial Administration. Before that I worked as an administrator/project controller in the field of education. Now a whole other world; the travel industry!
In terms of travel, my experience is mainly in Europe, especially Italy, France and Spain. I made a long trip once, to Thailand, a great experience. A trip I would definitely like to make again but then to another part of Thailand. There are certainly many other destinations that I would like to visit together with my family. With the trips I see during work, you get inspiration yourself!

Kistemaker, Gerard

Gerard Kistemaker


From the beginning of Untamed Travelling, I have been involved in the company. As an administrator and (almost) sole staff member, I built booths at trade shows, was a salesman, did the administration, in short; all common tasks. Now, over 19 years later, I am still active behind the scenes. Nature, people, culture and animals fascinate me, I have a preference for safaris. I hope our travelers enjoy Africa as intensely as I always have and hope to do for a long time to come.

Ebbeling, Janet

Janet Ebbeling

Administrative assistant

After receptionist training at Schoevers, I worked for many years in several fine hotels and restaurants. Because I was eager to see some of the world, I then joined Holland America Line as a Guest Relations Officer. Together with my husband, I have taken some amazing trips to places such as New Zealand and Costa Rica.

November 5, 2018, I started working at Untamed Travelling. As the first point of contact for the organization, I have a lot of contact with the travel companies, with the customers and with all the colleagues, which makes it an inspiring and beautiful job for me. The beautiful photos and great travel stories obviously contribute to this.

Huijzendveld, Merijn

Merijn Huijzendveld

Marketing coordinator / Marketing specialist

Traveling is completely in my DNA: during my first trip to the overwhelming jungle of Borneo, I became addicted to distant countries, other cultures, impressive landscapes and the impressive animal world. It is no coincidence that after my studies in cultural anthropology I ended up in the travel world. At Untamed Traveling I work with the marketing team to bring attention to all the fantastic trips, beautiful destinations and special places to stay.
Favorite destinations: Russia, the Himalayas, Borneo, Scandinavia, Africa, Eastern Europe, the Wadden Islands… I really can’t choose. I like long trekking in the mountains, but also cities and every now and then a day at the beach.

Luxembourg, Lieke

Lieke Luxembourg

Account manager Retail / Marketing specialist

From Ameland to Easter Island, I love nothing more than travelling. After my studies Communication and Marketing I was so happy that I could combine my passion for marketing and writing with travel in the travel industry. Ever since I’ve known Untamed Traveling, I’ve been a fan of the unique journeys and inspiring stories and photos that enchant customers and travel agents. I think it’s fantastic that I can now be part of the marketing team and be the point of contact for retail. Since living in San Francisco for 3 years, the United States has really been in my heart. I love that everything is larger-than-life, especially the natural beauty of Alaska and Hawaii. But Brazil, Peru, Israel, Australia, India and South Africa also made a big impression. At the top of my list is Japan and especially more Africa. What do you dream of?

Sanden, Mijke van

Mijke van Sanden

Marketing specialist

Since 2013, I have been in charge of marketing & communications and design with management. The most inspiring journeys and images that will take your breath away; there is no finer material to work with! All these stimuli have led to the fact that I too have now broadened my horizons and have been on safari in the pristine game parks of South Africa and Zimbabwe, done a photo shoot in the slums of Kenya, in the maze of alleys in Marrakech have wandered, braved the waves of California and tasted the dizzying flavors of Peru. With the expansion of our destinations, my travel wish list is getting longer and longer….. Yours too?

Rademakers, Sonja

Sonja Rademakers

Marketing specialist

Years ago I was infected by the ‘Africa virus’ during a group trip to Kenya. Witnessing the overwhelming migration in the Masai Mara, the beautiful wildlife in Samburu Game Reserve and the flamingos at Lake Nakuru I promised myself that this would not be the last time I visited Africa. After travelling through Kenya, Tanzania and various countries in southern Africa, I ended up years later in Uganda where I lived for six months in Jinja. 

Since 2009 I have been working at Untamed Travelling. I support the marketing department. Working for Untamed Travelling is a way for me to keep my passion for Africa and travel alive. 

Geels, Jolijn

Jolijn Geels

Marketing specialist
Als iemand mij in mijn jonge jaren vroeg wat ik later wilde worden, zei ik steevast: reiziger! Die gedachte werd gevoed door een grote fascinatie voor Afrika. Mijn wens kreeg gaandeweg vorm in een grillige en zeer avontuurlijke loopbaan, die mij naar veel Afrikaanse landen bracht. Een enkele keer reisde ik buiten Europa of Afrika, maar daarna toch weer naar mijn favoriete continent. Niger en Madagaskar noemde ik jarenlang mijn thuis, verder was ik een nomade. Mijn thuishaven ligt nu weer in Nederland. Vanuit die rijke reiservaring zet ik mij in team marketing met veel plezier in voor het brede…

Manon Schaaders

Telephonist & reservations assistant
In recent years, I have had the opportunity to take many beautiful trips as a tour guide, for my modeling work and also in private. As a tour guide, I have traveled within and outside of Europe, something I have enjoyed very much. Yet I gradually sought more permanence, also because I missed my home life. I saw the job posting at Untamed and it turned out to be a match. Since mid-2023, I have been the first point of contact on the phone and assist the reservations team. Talking to people and helping where needed is something I enjoy…

Responsible tourism

When putting together our trips, we consider people, environment, nature and culture, so that the vacation is not only special for you, but also future generations can enjoy attractive destinations.

Whether it’s trips where you enjoy pristine nature, experience local culture, meet new people or taste a delicious local dish; together we work to create vacations that make for better places and more beautiful experiences. And in doing so, we make an important contribution to sustainable development at the destination. For you as a traveler, but also for the people living at the vacation destination.

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