Polar regions

Sailing among rugged ice landscapes, hidden bays in a desolate location, you will feel like a true polar explorer.

Polar regions

Sailing among rugged ice landscapes, hidden bays in a desolate location, you will feel like a true polar explorer.

Polar regions


An expedition cruise to the most remote areas on earth, the Arctic or Antarctica is one of the most special travel and nature experiences you can experience. Sailing among rugged ice landscapes, hidden bays in a desolate location, you will feel like a true polar explorer. Experience the rich marine life from the polar bears on Spitsbergen , Greenland or Alaska to the tens of thousands of king penguins in South Georgia . During your expedition cruise you will look for whales, dolphins and many bird species such as albatrosses, pintails and ivory gulls among the impressive masses of ice. With so-called zodiacs you sail between the ice floes towards a landing site where you can observe the animals from very close.


The Arctic is as rugged as it is diverse with areas such as Spitsbergen (Svalbard), Greenland , Alaska , and Artic Canada , which can be visited individually or in combination. Cruise through the most beautiful landscapes in the world, admire belugas, blue whales and sperm whales from your zodiac and take a walk in Greenland or Spitsbergen past glaciers, mountains, rolling tundra and local settlements. Scour the mighty ice landscapes for polar bears, brown bears, arctic foxes and hundreds of bird species such as razorbills, ivory gulls, kingfishers and guillemots.


In the Antarctic, you will in any case visit various locations of the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula , the most exotic part of Antarctica with a rich fauna. The many bays, islands and straits - with names like Paradise Bay or Deception Island - have very different characteristics. Longer routes lead past the very large icebergs in the Weddell Sea , Falkland Islands , and South Georgia , or pass through the Antarctic Circle .


Expedition cruises to Antarctica take place from October through March. The Arctic season is from June to September. You travel by well-equipped expedition ship, adapted for safe sailing in the Arctic. The expedition cruises are accompanied by experienced guides who arrange your trip in detail, so that you can enjoy the exceptionally beautiful nature without any worries. On board are accomplished scientists who will lecture and guide you through the various zodiac landings. The exact route will always be filled in slightly differently, depending on tide and weather conditions. You can opt for large luxury or a very comfortable ship with options for sporting activities, such as kayaking. The desolate location and extreme climate conditions require adaptation and flexibility, as people are insignificant and vulnerable in this rugged icy landscape. It is also possible to reach the polar regions by plane. You save time without compromising the number of days you spend around the peninsula.

Check out the different options for Arctic and Antarctic expedition cruises, bearing in mind that this is not the full range. We are happy to inform you personally about all the possibilities.

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