Forgotten pearls in the Indian Ocean


Forgotten pearls in the Indian Ocean

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Forgotten pearls in the Indian Ocean

The Comoros archipelago lies like hidden gems in the Indian Ocean. From the sky, you can see the three largest islands of the Union of Comoros looming: Grande Comore, Mohéli and Anjouan. Around it numerous uninhabited islets. The color green of plantations and forests predominates, the many calderas testify to the volcanic origin of the islands. You will discover black lava rocks, palm trees and white sand beaches along the coast. Where the land ends, the wondrous underwater world begins. The sea water is so clear that hues betray where lagoons and coral reefs await you. Just a short while to go before your voyage of discovery begins to the authentic and hospitable Comoros, the forgotten paradise where few tourists set foot ashore. The hidden destination par excellence, Where the world can't find you....

Unspoiled forests and coral reefs

On Grande Comore, you can climb the active volcano Karthala (2,361m). Explore the vast, pristine rainforests of Mohéli, and search for lemurs and impressively large Livingstone's fruitbats. After sunset, look for sea turtles, which come ashore to lay eggs in the sand. If you enjoy snorkeling and diving, you can look forward to colorful coral reefs, where you can observe manta rays, dolphins, sharks, and maybe even manatees. From August to October, you are likely to see humpback whales here.

Persian sultans and pirates

Uniquely fascinating is the culture of Comoros, where Melanesian, Arab, Indian, African and French influences are uniquely fused. Its rich history tells of Bantu peoples who were the first to settle, Persian sultans and pirates, Oriental peoples who introduced vanilla and spices. Discover the striking architecture of Moroni and the ancient citadel of Anjouan, meet the extraordinarily friendly locals, and have a guided tour of the market, villages and plantations. It is a feast for the senses: colorful robes, special ceremonies and rituals, the call to prayer from the mosque, the full scents of the ylang-ylang flower, cinnamon and cloves.... Everything comes to rest as you look out over the tepid sea from your idyllic beach retreat.

Round trips Comoros

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