Nature travel

The most beautiful nature tours worldwide. From migration in the Masai Mara, polar bears at the North Pole to jaguars in the Amazon rainforest. Check out our travels.

Nature travel

Nature travel

Untamed Travelling specializes in nature travel. From the vast savannahs with large herds of game and deserts with red sand dunes in Africa, from the snowy peaks, deep valleys and impenetrable jungle in Asia to the immense Amazon rainforest in South America. World-class natural treasures! A number of natural phenomena are world famous; of the annual migration in the Masai Mara in Kenya, the gorillas in Uganda, the turtles in the Galapagos Islands and the penguins in Antarctica, everyone has heard. Of course we take you to these impressive natural wonders. During nature tours, we would also like to introduce you to lesser-known natural phenomena such as the annual bat migration in Zambia, the migration on the Liuwa Plains, narwalls at the North Pole, the rare Puma in Chile, the pink river dolphin in the Amazon and the unique flora and fauna on Madagascar. Less well known, but certainly so spectacular.

Our range of nature tours shows the possibilities of travelling to Africa, North America, Latin America, Antarctica and Asia with an emphasis on nature experience. These trips can be adapted, expanded and completed in any way possible. Contact us without obligation to have your nature trip tailor-made.


We are happy to offer you a travel proposal that fully meets your expectations. The proposed trips on our website are primarily intended as inspiration, and show only a small selection of the possibilities. Tell us your wishes and let us tailor your trip. We are happy to advise you!

We think it is important – especially now – that you are well informed and travelling with a good feeling. In our blog you can read the latest developments.

Curious about our sample tours?


Luxury Expedition Cruise Antarctic Peninsula

Exclusive cruise to the most beautiful places of the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula.

Northern Ethiopia by helicopter

Lesser-known historical sites in Tigray that can only be reached by helicopter, spectacular landscapes and native wildlife.

Experience Costa Rica

Tour Costa Rica where you stay in luxury lodges and resorts.

Nature travel AROUND THE WORLD

* This is only a selection of our offerings. For a customized trip contact us.

On an adventure in Costa Rica! Kayaking, white water rafting, canyoning and surfing in the Monteverde rainforest, around the Arenal volcano and Playa Tamarindo.
Travel to the native Huaorani tribe deep in the jungle and hunt with them for wild boars, piranhas and anacondas. Explore the Cotopaxi volcano and conclude with a brilliant Galapagos cruise.
Travel through the inhospitable Altaj, where golden eagles, eaglehunters and the mysterious snow leopard survive in a mythical landscape of cliffs, valleys and rocky slopes
Experience South Luangwa from luxury bushcamps. On foot and by land rover you go on safari, in search of the Big Five. You stay in comfortable bushcamps, tented camps where you are one with nature. An intense experience.
Sabah's pristine rainforests, river landscapes and tropical islands are overwhelmingly beautiful and diverse. Deep in the forest, traditional peoples live in longhouses.
The microcosm of glittering skyscrapers and lush greenery combined with the bustling cultivated cities on the Malaysian Peninsula and the still virgin nature of Borneo
Borneo with its dense jungle, mangrove forests and river landscapes and the melting pot of cultures in the historic and colonial cities will make a profound impression on this multifaceted journey through Malaysia, the heart of Asia.
Round trip through the national parks full of wildlife and archaeological sites. Through the cultural triangle, to royal cities, pleasure gardens and the sacred Temple of the Tooth
Travel to indonesia's undiscovered regions, meet the Dayak and Marapu populations, and trek into the impenetrable jungle of Ujung Kulon National Park and Kalimantan.


We are happy to help you put together your dream trip. Based on your wishes, our regional specialist will put together a tailor-made trip for you. A travel proposal with highlights you have chosen, the type of accommodation that suits you and the length of travel you wish for. Contact us without obligation. We are happy to advise you!


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