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Nature explosion & design

Unspoilt, empty, rugged and vast, that is the ubiquitous Swedish nature. Swedish Lapland is characterized by foaming rivers and alpine mountains where the South has vast forests and endless beaches. The characteristic archipelago with countless small islands and granite cliffs at Höga Kusten are located in the east and the coral reef in the National Marine Park Kosterhavet you will find on the west coast. In Sweden you are always in nature. Moose, beavers and otters have their habitat all over Sweden, but did you know that lynx, wolverines, bears and arctic foxes are also regularly spotted?

Are you enthusiastic about design, culture and fantastic dishes? The Swedish cities have all the ingredients in house. In Stockholm you can wander through the streets of Gamla Stan, the medieval city center with bars and small shops. Don't forget to stop for fika with kanelbulle. Malmo is trendy and has a lot of modern architecture such as the Turning Torso by the architect Santiago Calatrava in the new Västra Hamnen district. From the clear Gothenburg you will discover the archipelago with skerries, beaches and small fishing villages. If you are here in the summer, you will get to know kräftskiva, which traditionally heralds the lobster season.

With everything from deep blue archipelagos and northern lights to great fashion, food and design, Sweden is a Scandinavian dream. Where the world can't find you ...

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