An earthly paradise


An earthly paradise

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They are also called, Robinson Crusoe Islands or The Last Paradise. Nicknames that the Maldives thanks to the many swaying palm trees, empty beaches surrounded by lagoons and crystal clear waters full of tropical fish and corals. This makes this archipelago in the Indian Ocean – consisting of 1200 islands grouped around 26 atolls – a dream destination for lovers of peace, nature and water sports such as snorkelling, diving and windsurfing.

Yet the Maldives have much more to offer. The capital Malé on the island of the same name - accessible by seaplane and dhoni (water taxi) - is one of the smallest in the world. The limited space drove shopkeepers and market vendors to the first floor of the traditional houses. The population is a mix of Indians, Indonesians, Arabs and Africans. Although the archipelago is located southwest of Sri Lanka, traditional dances and the bodu-beru drums of hollowed-out tree trunks are reminiscent of eastern Africa.

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Honeymoon Maldives

Newlywed and looking for a romantic honeymoon? Let your dream come true and squeeze into a beautiful, luxurious honeymoon destination like the Maldives...

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Diving & Snorkeling

By far the most important reason to travel to the Maldives is the colorful and varied underwater spectacle

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South Male Atoll

Diving, snorkeling and other water sports. Choose your stay on one of the resort islands for a laidback feeling

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Gastronomy Maldives

If you want to eat at a very special place, you need to be at the Ithaa restaurant in the Maldives. This underwater restaurant is 5 meters deep...

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The Baa Atoll

Five of the thirteen islands in the Baa Atoll are occupied by tourist resorts. The rest of the islands are deserted, with pristine vegetation and virgin beaches. The reefs are in excellent condition ...

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Family trip Maldives

Planning a holiday for the whole family requires a lot of preparation. Especially if you are travelling to a distant destination. The trip should put a smile on the face of the youngest family members...

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Ari Atoll

The Ari Atoll (also called Alifu Atoll) is one of the largest atolls and is located in the west of the archipelago. The almost rectangular alignment spreads the 105 islands over an area of ...

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Maldives Spa

The spas in the Maldives are renowned. Each hotel has its own spa or spa of world-famous chains such as Six Senses and Mandara. The spas often consist of massage, fitness and yoga rooms, Jacuzzis...

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The North Malé Atoll

The North Malé Atoll has a length of 67 km and a width of 41 km. You will find the international airport (on the island of Hulhule) and the capital Malé. Malé is the smallest capital city in the world...

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