Colorful and musical


Colorful and musical

Mexico trips

Maya culture, endless beaches and colonial cities

Mexico cannot be described in a single word. The overwhelming nature varies from deserts with huge cacti in the north, immense snow-capped volcanoes in the heart of the country and exotic jungle in the south. And then we haven't even mentioned the thousands of miles of coastline, both on the wild Pacific Ocean and the balmy Caribbean Sea with its white beaches, crystal blue waters and coral reefs. Discover the ancient and living culture of the Maya or admire the many well-preserved colonial cities.

Whales and Indians

Witness unique natural phenomena such as the gray whale migration off Baja California or the monarch butterfly in central Mexico. Meet indigenous peoples such as the Tarahumara Indians at the Copper Cañon , super barefoot athletes, or spend the night with the Lancandon Indians in the rainforest of the south. And did you know that Mexican cuisine has been declared a UNESCO Heritage Site? Shop at the local market and take a cooking class in Oaxaca . And then why not? Enjoy a good tequila and let the Mariachis sing to you.

Round trips Mexico

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Inspiration trips for Mexico

Experience Mexico with Untamed

Pacific coast beach holiday

The Mexican Pacific coast offers plenty of unique accommodations, nicely located on deserted bays

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Private villas Mexico

Privacy, enchanting views and luxury in your own villa

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Natuur in Mexico

Verrassend rijke flora en fauna

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Mexican cuisine

Colorful, spicy and varied

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Maya tempels in Mexico

Het fascinerende bewijs van de Maya cultuur

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Oaxaca is both a state and a city. A city with a pleasant atmosphere and beautiful colonial remains.

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Mexico City

The capital of Mexico is an interesting mix of ancient sights and modern shops, hotels and streets.

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Colonial Mexico

Mexico has beautiful, well-preserved colonial cities with colorful houses and cobblestone streets.

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Copper Canyon, New

Take a spectacular train journey through the Copper Canyon, one of the most beautiful train journeys in the world

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Chiapas is a part of Mexico with many faces; tropical rainforest, authentic Indian villages and beautiful colonial towns like San Cristóbal de las Casas

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Yucatan and Caribbean coast

Yucatan is the most touristy region of Mexico and not for nothing. Paradisiacal beaches but also well-preserved Mayan ruins

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Baja California

Baja California is a unique place to admire large marine mammals. Follow the migration of the grey whale and enjoy the impressive underwater world.

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