A land of extremes


A land of extremes

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Lalibela, Gondar and Mursi

The name ' Ethiopia 'means' land of burnt faces', burnt by the sun. It seems exuberant in this country that is the only country that uses the Julian calendar. As a result, a year counts thirteen months. This explains the nickname 'land of thirteen months of sunshine'. Ethiopia is also the cradle of humanity and coffee. To the north you will find rock churches of Orthodox Christians and highlights such as Lalibela , the Simien Mountains and medieval castles at Gondar . Colorful animistic tribes live in the south. Most famous are the Mursi , with saucer lips as a symbol of beauty. In addition, there are beautiful tribes such as the Hamar , the Konso , Dorze and the Surma . When you visit a local market, you will be amazed at the authenticity of the tribes.

Simien and Tana

With the Simien Mountains and the Danakil depression, the country has areas that are among the highest, but at the same time lowest and warmest in Africa and even in the world. The latter is difficult to imagine when you get to the source of the Blue Nile stands, on one of the 'monastery islands' in the vast Tana Lake or on the shores of Lake Langano. In short: a land of extremes!

Round trips Ethiopia

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Lake Tana and Blue Nile Waterfalls

Lake Tana is the largest lake in Ethiopia and also the highest lake in Africa. The lake is located in the north of Ethiopia and is the source of the Blue Nile. During...

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Tribes in the Omo Valley

In the south of Ethiopia lies the Omo Valley, where several colorful tribes live. Each trunk has its own external features, such as the well-known bulkhead ellipses of the Mursi.

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Gondar and Lalibela

The ruins and rock churches at Gondar and Lalibela are world famous. Every year, hundreds of people visit the Timkat festival near Gondar and visit the eleven churches of Lalibela carved into the rocks.

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The city of Harar

One of Ethiopia's biggest attractions is the hyena man of Harar. The city of Harar is located in eastern Ethiopia and has a special historical centre. In 2006 ...

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Temple of the Moon at Yeha

Ethiopia's oldest building, the Temple of the Moon, is located in the highlands. Scientists wonder how such structures used to be installed

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The holy city of Axum

The oldest city in Ethiopia with a special past. Axum is located in the far north of Ethiopia and is the oldest city in the country. Three thousand years ago ...

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Bale Mountains

Bale Mountains National Park is a beautiful walking area with peaks up to four thousand meters high and a great diversity of landscapes

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Simien Mountains

A beautiful mountain range in the north of Ethiopia, where (mountain) hikers can take day hikes and multi-day treks.

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Lakes in the Great Rift Valley

In the Rift Valley there are a number of worthwhile lakes, each with a different colour. Lake Langano, Lake Abiyata and Lake Shala are the three most popular of the seven lakes that make Up Ethiopia...

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Danakil depression

A fascinating, alien and apocalyptic landscape consisting of active volcanoes, salt pans and sulfur fields

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Markets in Ethiopia

Daily life in Ethiopia takes place on the streets. Everywhere you look, you'll find colourful markets, including in the southern Omo Valley. When you travel ...

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