Concatenation of game parks


Concatenation of game parks

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Concatenation of game parks

The north of Botswana is home to several fantastic game parks, directly adjacent to each other. The highly diverse ecosystems all revolve around water, or rather the absence of water. Which way will you explore these wildlife parks? A round trip as much as possible by land guarantees an intense experience of nature. Will you choose a luxury FLY-IN or a helicopter tour? Then travel quickly and comfortably to Botswana's most diverse highlights.

Labyrinth of water

The Okavango Delta is an immense inland delta, where numerous large and small islands are enclosed by the labyrinth of water. The exceptionally diverse flora and fauna are best observed from the water, on foot safaris and from the air. The eastern part of the Okavango Delta falls under the Moremi Game Reserve. Much of Moremi is drier, and therefore accessible by 4WD. In the Okavango Delta and Moremi, you can look for the Big Five: lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant and rhino.

Wetlands and shimmering Salt Pans

Linyanti, Savuti and Chobe National Park are connected by the Savuti Channel, which feeds the wetlands of Savuti and Chobe. Here you will see large elephant populations, as well as herds of buffalo and zebra. Large concentrations of game can also be found around the waterholes in the dry part of Savuti, all of which sooner or later come to drink from the same waterholes. A little further south are the Makgadikgadi and Nxai salt pans, generally bone-dry, desolate landscapes where life seems impossible at first glance. It is the scene of great migrations of zebras and wildebeests passing through, an unparalleled spectacle.

Silent witnesses of a distant past

One of the largest collection of petroglyphs in the world attests that humans and animals have lived together for many thousands of years in this remote corner of the world now called Botswana. The petroglyphs are hidden in the Tsodilo hills on the edge of the Kalahari, the semi-desert that covers much of the country.

Round trips Botswana

We are happy to offer you a travel proposal that fully meets your expectations. The proposed trips on our website are primarily intended as inspiration, and show only a small selection of the possibilities. Tell us your wishes and let us tailor your trip. We are happy to advise you!

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The Okavango Delta

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Moremi Game Reserve

Botswana's oldest game reserve

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Chobe National Park

Large herds of elephants on the banks of the Chobe River

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Makgadikgadi and Nxai Pan

The Makgadikgadi and Nxai salt pans are the largest salt flats in the world, which after the summer rains are full of water

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Kalahari and Tsodilo Hills

The Kalahari Game Reserve is Botswana's largest wildlife park, vastly vast, rugged and wild

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Linyanti and Savuti

North of the Okavango Delta are Linyanti Reserve and Savuti Game Reserve

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Tuli Block

Rugged prehistoric rocks and abundant wildlife

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