French Guyana

Jungle, rare animals and culture

French Guyana

Jungle, rare animals and culture

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French Guyana is hidden under a thick blanket of South American jungle full of rare animals. It has a raw, unvarnished culture and a palpable mishmash of history. Although French Guiana has the highest standard of living of the 'Guyanas', it is the most difficult of the three to travel. Outside the capital Cayenne with its French-Caribbean chic, information is scarce and infrastructure even scarcer. The chance that you will encounter other tourists is therefore very small. A country where the adventurous traveler can indulge himself!

The Îles du Salut off-shore islands are known for their eerie yet fascinating prison camps, such as the famous Île du Diable. More prison camps can be found in St. Laurent du Maroni on the border of Suriname. Take a boat trip down the Marowijne River past indigenous villages, the best preserved part of Africa outside of Africa.

French Guiana is a real pure destination and can be easily combined with Suriname . Inquire with our travel specialists about the possibilities and travel to the country 'Where the world can't find you...'

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