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Norway is the last refuge for some of the most intriguing wildlife in Europe . With a combination of dense forests, arctic landscapes and North Atlantic Ocean influences, orcas, moose and bears have their habitat here. Svalbard is home to birds like the short-billed guillemot, little auk or larger game such as polar bears, belugas, narwhals or the blue whale. Whales congregate around the stunningly beautiful islands of the Lofoten and Vesterålen . The musk ox and moose live in the Norwegian interior while the European brown bear inhabits its habitat Øvre Pasvik National Park has. The endangered Arctic fox divides its territory with lynx, wolverines, reindeer and birds such as the gyrfalcon and golden eagle Reisa National Park .

Fjords and culture

Steep fjords, tranquil lakes, mountains and waterfalls create spectacular shapes that are a feast for the eyes in any season. Climb to the Preikestolen for a phenomenal view or enter the Arctic Circle to visit the North Cape . The ancient stave church in Urnus, art nouveau architecture in lesund and the art destination Hadeland give a glimpse into Norwegian culture.

Travel through the land of the Vikings and experience Norway, 'where the world can't find you...'

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