The land of the Mennonites, the Jesuits and the Grand Chaco area.


The land of the Mennonites, the Jesuits and the Grand Chaco area.

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The forgotten part of South America

Paraguay is a desolate country the size of California where you will encounter few tourists. It is the land of the Mennonites , the Jesuits and the Grand Chaco area. Asuncion , the capital of Paraguay, is located right on the border with Argentina. Here you will find a chaotic mix of old and new; high-rise buildings, busy shopping streets and green plains. Take the horse-drawn carriage to move to the famous 'Museu del Barro'.

Sail through the jungle on the Rio Paraguay , this river bisects the entire country, dividing it into east and west. In the east you will find green savanna, in the west marshland. The river is the main route for transportation between Asunción and the smaller towns around the river. Enjoy the beautiful national parks; Cerro Cora National Park , the largest protected natural area in Paraguay, established to combat deforestation in Paraguay. An area consisting of dry tropical forest and savanna, an oasis of tranquility. And the Ybycuí National Park, the remaining part of the subtropical rainforest. Here you can take beautiful walks through a hilly landscape with dense jungle full of streams, waterfalls and lakes.

In Trinidad you will find the remains of Jesuit settlements. The best preserved ruins of a Jesuit settlement can be found on a hill close to this village. Yet it is the people of Paraguay itself who will steal your heart. The people of Paraguay are relaxed, friendly and curious.

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