Land of nomads


Land of nomads

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The Last Wilderness

Plateaus, vast and deserted, rugged and authentic. Where winters are long and mercilessly cold and summers short and scorching hot. Forget luxury and explore the last wilderness. Discover Mongolia .

Travel nomadic style from ger to ger, passing through beautiful gorges over sandstone mountains in search of the rare Gobi bear, Mongolian gerbil, Przewalski's horse and the illustrious snow leopard. Learn in the Altai Mountains how traditional eagle hunters train golden eagles to become hunters, hike a camel through the Gobi desert, taste the famous Mongolian barbecue, sleep under a blanket of stars, drink home-milked yak milk, be surprised by Khoomei singing and celebrate at a winter festival. Go back to nature and meet the extremely cordial people, nomads who - except in Ulaanbataar - still live on their sheep, horses and cows. Where the world can't find you ...

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