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The Caribbean Riviera

St. Maarten

The Caribbean Riviera

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The Windward St. St. Maarten is half French and half Dutch and has a tropical climate. The island has an impressive interior, a breathtaking coastline and vibrant marine life. Add the rich cultural history, upbeat locals and culinary melting pot and you have all the ingredients for a dream destination.


Framed by palm-fringed sandy beaches and cliffs, it is St. Maarten blessed with diverse landscapes full of cacti, orchids, fruit trees and ferns. The hilly interior is covered with scrub and cacti in the far west and a green and rich flora on the east coast. Lush places to spend some time among lizards, iguanas and more than 160 different bird species are the fairy Loterie Farm and the slopes of Pic Paradis. Mangroves, which form buffer zones between sea and marsh, are the ideal breeding ground for birds and fish. A little further offshore, reefs of coral flourish. Here swim numerous fish such as emperor fish, parrot fish, wrasse, seahorses, rays, dolphins and whales and predatory fish such as sharks and barracudas.


A rich African heritage and more than one hundred different nationalities form the basis of Sint Maarten's colorful architecture. Beautiful master houses reminiscent of the slave period were preserved, while on the French side small traditional Creole homes adorn the landscape. With fine details and painted in variegated colors, these cottages define the streetscape in Marigot and Grand Case. But also an "aliturian influence," named after the architect Ali Tur, who combines a traditional style with modernity.

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