Paradise for divers and nature lovers


Paradise for divers and nature lovers

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Experience the magic of Bonaire, from the deep clear waters to the highest peak. Relax on the quiet island where nothing is necessary and everything is possible. Discover the hilly north, the limestone terraces in the middle and the flat south with its enchanting salt pans, azure lagoons and mangrove forests. Explore the uninhabited island of Klein Bonaire which is home to nesting turtles. Hike through Washington Slagbaai National Park where you can spot flamingos and other bird species and the Brandaris is waiting to be braved.


24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days you can admire the surreal underwater world. The island is not called Divers's Paradise without a reason. There are dive sites for every level, from beginner to advanced diver. Established in 1979, the Marine Park encompasses all the waters around Bonaire and Klein Bonaire. This means that the entire coastline is a protected area, making the underwater world of Bonaire a popular home port for various fish such as the beautifully colored parrotfish, the well-camouflaged frogfish and the impressive tarpon.


You don't necessarily have to dive to enjoy the wonderful marine life. Even while snorkeling you will discover the beautiful coral reefs and its inhabitants. At a few meters depth you will meet rays, turtles or even a seahorse.

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