Adventure tour French Guiana and Suriname

Pristine jungle and authentic culture
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Adventure tour French Guiana and Suriname

Jungle and authentic culture

This trip takes you to French Guiana with untouched jungle at Kaw Nature Reserve but also with the French-Caribbean chic of Cayenne. In Kourou you will find the Ariane Space Center where 85% of the telecom satellites are launched. Here are also the infamous Devil's Islands, the former penal colony of France. At Saint Laurent, known for the banjo where Papillon was imprisoned, you cross the Marowijne River to Suriname with a tent boat. Witness the giant sea turtles at Galibi , visit the largest wooden city in the world Paramaribo and end with a trip to the interior to reach the settlements of Indians and Creoles by dugout or airplane.

Tips & Tops adventurous tour French Guiana and Suriname

  • Fly comfortably with Air France to Cayenne and back with KLM from Paramaribo
  • From Cayenne, take a day trip to the Sunday market of the Vietnamese Hmong community in the planters village of Cacao
  • During a two-day boat trip through the Kaw wetland area you will spot special wildlife including caimans, capybaras, anaconda and many birds
  • At Saint Laurent you cross the border by piraque, tent boat, to Albina in Suriname
  • In the Galibi Nature Reserve you will visit a Carib Indian village to spot the giant sea turtles (February-July)
  • During this tour you will become acquainted with many ethnic groups: From French chic and a Vietnamese Hmong residential community to the Maroons, descendants of runaway slaves, and Carib Indians on the coast of Galibi
  • Both French Guiana and Suriname consist largely of jungle: the tropical rainforest is home to a very large diversity of flora and fauna - unique in the world
  • Complete your trip and visit Guyana , a former British colony with the spectacular Kaietuer waterfalls


Daily overview

1-3 Arrival Cayenne - City walk & day trip Vietnamese Hmong residential community
4-5 Two-day boat trip through Kaw wetland area
6-7 Kourou - Visit space center Ariane, Catamaran trip to Devil's Island
8-9 Two-day jungle trip by motorized canoe, overnight at Caricou Camp
10-11 Saint Laurent - crossing the border between Suriname - Galibi nature reserve
12-13 Paramaribo - Bicycle tour plantations Commewijne
14-16 Trip by canoe or plane into the interior to the Maroons and / or Indians
17 Back to Paramaribo



Space Center & Devil's Island


Untouched nature reserve full of wildlife

Galibi & sea turtles

At the mouth of the Marowijne River on the Atlantic ocean are beautiful beaches, where sea turtles come to lay their eggs

Over Suriname area

Untouched nature, unforgettable adventures and delicious culinary surprises

Kabalebo Nature Resort

Kabalebo Nature Resort is a luxury lodge located in one of the most beautiful areas of Suriname.


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