Ghana - Mole N.P. and Kumasi

A true experience through a country full of surprises.

Ghana - Mole N.P. and Kumasi

A true experience through a country full of surprises.

Ghana – Mole N.P. and Kumasi

Beaches and game reserves

A true experience through a country full of surprises. The landscape of Ghana is very varied, from elongated beaches with palm trees, wooded hills, game reserves and beautiful rivers to   rainforest with forest giants. You will see the most fascinating animals, from butterflies in the brightest colors blue and orange, Mona monkeys (sacred animals),   elephants, baboons, antelopes and crocodiles. Mole National Park,where you stay for 2 days, is home to more than 93 species of mammals.

Welcoming population

But the most striking feature is the hospitality of the population, who still live very traditional inland. One of the villages you visit is Atsiekpoe,built entirely from termite clay and hardly visited by tourists. On your way to Kumasi, pass Larabanga,with an impressive 14th-century mosque.   In Kakum National Park you have a unique opportunity to admire the forest from above, here hangs high among the trees the longest and tallest suspension bridge in the world. A fantastic and exciting experience!

Tips & Tops Tour Ghana Mole and Kumasi:

  • Follow the spectacular path along the Kuluu River from the 600-metre-high town of Amedzofe
  • As you drive through the Bobiri Forest reserve, you'll see butterflies in the most outrageous colors
  • In the dry season, you don't have to make much effort at the water sites in Mole National Park to discover elephants, antelopes, buffaloes, monkeys and hippos
  • Don't be alarmed by crocodiles attacking when antelopes come to drink at the water sites
  • In Mole National Park you can also relax very well, for example by the hotel pool or during a visit to the Eco village of Mognori
  • Enjoy the rich bird life on a canoe safari on the Mole River
  • Art and culture await you at the Manhayia Palace Museum and the Prempeh II Jubilee Museum in Kumasi
  • Very impressive is the Bosumtwi Crater Lake, a sacred lake and the only lake in Ghana that has been formed without human intervention
  • To learn more about the slave trade in Ghana, visit Cape Coast, where an informative museum is located over this tumultuous period
  • The beautiful fishing town of Fort San Jago still has a lively harbour, daily the skilled fishermen brave the wild ocean

Your tailor-made trip

Daily overview

2 Biakpa
3 Biakpa - Atimpoku
4 Atimpo – Atsiekpoe – Atimpoku
5 Bobiri
6 Bobiri – Nkoranza
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