Souq Waqif Boutique Hotels

Surrounded by Arab architecture

Souq Waqif Boutique Hotels

Seven luxury hotels spread in Souq Waqif

The souk was demolished in 2006. To be rebuilt in exactly the same way. And so the new Souq Waqif looks like a twin brother to the old version. The difference is hidden behind the walls of the traditional buildings that look like a hundred years ago, but are completely decorated on the inside.   Here are now the rooms of Souq Waqif Boutique Hotels. Seven hotels are spread out throughout the souk. All in a special place in this historic district, all in a traditional Arabic building, all in the heart of Doha.

Nevertheless, the stays all have their own character. For example, the Al Najada Boutique Hotel is housed in three houses from the year 1930. After a day in town it is in this small hotel really coming home. On the other hand is the Al Mirqab, a spacious hotel where you will be surprised from the top floor down into the basement with Arabic luxury. Because from the rooftop pool of this hotel, guests have a panoramic view of the city. And if you want to go out at night, you don't have to go far from home. On the ground floor the Mirqab has a large theatre.

The Souq Waqif Hotels also offer variety in terms of location. Musheireb is located just off the narrow streets of the souk, Al Mirqab at the entrance and Arumaila is in the heart. A step outside the door and the negotiation on the purchase of your Arabic souvenirs can begin.

Tips & Tops Souq Waqif Boutique Hotels:

  • The Souq Waqif hotels are located in the fully renovated old heart of the city. In addition to traditional shops and stalls, the souk now also has many art galleries and concerts take place
  • Guests of Al Bidda come up short in the restaurant. It has a large glass dome as a ceiling and its own patisserie with beautiful cakes
  • Arumaila has a mini gym for her guests
  • Al Jomrok's rooms all feature a work of art by an international artist
  • Al Mirqab is the largest hotel with 35 rooms and two suites
  • Musheireb is very small; nine rooms and five suites this little hotel has just outside the souk
  • Al Najada's 22 rooms and three suites have a Mediterranean ambience with their white and light appearance
  • For guests staying a little longer, Al Jasra has extra spacious rooms
  • Traditional woodwork was characteristic of the old Souq Waqif. And it still is. Because during the renovation, the original beams were used
  • Interested in authentic Arab architecture? In Souq Waqif you will see nothing else

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