"It was right from A to Z"

Co & Joke Vink

It was right from A to Z

Peru, Ecuador and the Galapagos

Mr. and Mrs Vink traveled through Peru and Ecuador in 32 days and concluded their journey in the Galapagos. From Lima they traveled to Paracas, Arequipa and the Colca Canyon before arriving at Lake Titicaca. From there on to Cuzco, the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu before crossing the border to Ecuador. In Ecuador they visited the Amazon jungle, the Cotopaxi volcano and the capital Quito. On the Galapagos they have done various activities where they could fully enjoy the breathtaking wildlife. 

Dear Joseph & employees,

It was right from A to Z.

A perfectly organized (by Robert) and executed trip through Peru and Ecuador with a spectacular closing on the Galapagos Islands. The itinerary gradually took us to great heights. After visiting Lima and Paracas (Nazca Lines) we rise through Arequipa and Colca Canyon to the literal and figurative peak in Peru, Lake Titicaca with the floating reed islands of the Uros. Then to Cusco , Ollantaytambo and Machu Picchu . The three guides who accompanied us through Peru for 18 days were not only friendly and helpful, but also extremely competent and knowledgeable. The hotels you have booked are undoubtedly among the absolute top of Peru . Great class! We realize that traveling in the rainy season comes with risks, but in that respect we have been very lucky, the rain fell mainly at night. Moreover, we have now been able to enjoy a beautiful, green nature.  

In Ecuador it also hit like a bus. The stay in the Amazon ( Napo Wildlife Center ) was absolutely unforgettable. The Cotopaxi volcano in the national park of the same name we heartily recommend. It was more than worth the visit (and the accompanying climb). After all the folklore, history and spectacle of Peru, the trips to Otavalo , Zumbahua and the crater lake Quilotoa less beautiful than expected. The haciendas in Otavalo and near Cotopaxi were also not to our liking. 

The absolute highlight of the four-week trip is on (and next to) the Galapagos Islands . From a fantastic hotel we have made various excursions on land and water. We take the position that we will not visit a country once visited, but we make an exception for the Galapagos. They remain on our list.

In short: it was a SUPER trip, we have had many great experiences, brought home good memories and left only footprints.


Co & Joke Vink