"Our India trip was an amazing experience!"

Marie-Anne and Anton Koopman

Our trip to India was a great experience!

India National Parks

At the end of December, Marie-Anne and Anton Koopman traveled to four national parks in India: Satpura, Pench, Kanha and Bandhavgarh. They made various safaris and spotted tigers and wild dogs.

We enjoyed our vacation.
Our trip was an impressive first experience with India. So different from Africa that we know much better from previous trips.
The lodges were excellent (Reni Pani Jungle Lodge – Satpura, Jamtara Wilderness – Pench, Kanha Jungle Lodge and Bandhavgarh Lodge , ed.); different every time. Difficult to decide which one we prefer. Personally, I thought our tent with wreck wood floors and old furniture was perhaps the most atmospheric (and also the coldest!). Reni Pani Lodge was in our opinion the most beautiful construction: a central space with wings in a pentagon around the smoking fireplace in the middle…..
The tigers and wild dogs showed their best side in the various national parks. One tiger even passed us just two meters away (!) and looked us straight in the eye...!
We enjoyed two extensive village trips (one from Jamtara Lodge and a second from Kanha Lodge). The villages live a life we have long forgotten.

Fortunately we were well prepared for the cold in the morning. And the rubber jars worked great. We enjoyed the rapid sunrise, and the peeling of layers of clothing.

Breakfast (on the hood of the Gypsy), lunch and dinner were very well taken care of. But unfortunately breakfast inside an old British hunting lodge in zone 2 of Kanha National Park was a deception; atmospheric, overcrowded and cold.
Everyone was very helpful, service-oriented and involved. The guides from the lodges deserve special praise; they were our source of information; we have asked them the question. Arjun from Reni Pani Lodge, Ajay from Jamtara Lodge, Venot and James from Kanha Lodge and Arian from Bandhavgardh Lodge taught us a lesson in India.
We think the bureaucracy in India was somewhat stifling, but our India trip was a great experience, and may leave you wanting more.