Cambodia tour

"Cambodia, you imagine yourself in another world…"

- Yolaine Prévost -

On the other side of the world…

We started in the Palace Gate Hotel, an absolute must, in the capital Phnom Penha . During the day, we were immersed in the recent history of the country (the 70s are not that long ago). Our children aged 16 and 18 and ourselves were deeply moved by the stories of our guides about the bloody past of this beautiful country. Visiting The Killing Fields and Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum (S21) made us extremely quiet and humble. And yet, one by one, the people we met throughout our journey have a positive outlook on life. Admirable…

On our last evening in Phnom Penh we were picked up by our personal Vespa drivers and we met our guide Cheng over a cocktail in a trendy bar. They gave us an unforgettable evening with a visit to a night market, a stop at the Wat Phnom temple and the Independence Monument and last but not least several stops at hip bars and street food places where we could taste the real Cambodian cuisine. . The delicious samba fish, the kampot pepper and the red ants could not be missed!

Then from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap : three days the most exceptional temples of the Angkor complex discover, each with its own characteristics… The stories of our guide Cha Cha made the atmosphere experience complete. The bike ride on the walls along the Bayon Temple will remain etched in our memory. Away from the crowd, discover the many faces of the city gates with a view of the beautiful nature and water buffalo. Totally our thing. In between also a drive to Kampong Kleang, a small fishing village on the Tonle Sap lake and a boat trip on the lake to learn to distinguish the ‘floating’ and the ‘flooded’ fishermen’s houses.

From here another four days to The Royal Sands on the island Koh Rong . The perfect location to end our journey in peace: a beautiful sunset in the sea every evening, diving initiation, snorkeling, nocturnal swim among the luminous plankton…

After our first experience with Untamed Traveling in 2017 for a safari to Kenya, we did not doubt for a moment whether we would entrust this trip to Untamed again. We would like to thank Tryntsje for meeting our expectations with the perfect organization of this unforgettable trip.

Yolaine Prévost

Madam  Prévost traveled with her family to Indochina for an extensive tour of Cambodia. After an exploration of versatile Phnom Penh, the route led to Siem Reap where they ended their temple cycling tour at sunset over Angkor Wat. The family became more acquainted with the customs of the fishermen of Kampong Kleang on the Tonlé Sap and concluded the trip with a sun-drenched beach stay on paradise Koh Rong. 


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