"We enjoyed the beautiful nature, interesting culture and delicious food"

Eveline and Martine

South Korea
Klantervaring Eveline en Martine,

In April 2024, Eveline and Martine traveled for two weeks through extraordinary South Korea, alternating between bustling Seou and "museum without walls" Geyeonju and the port cities of Busan and Yeosu. An unforgettable cultural as well as culinary experience. Where the world can't find you...

Good Day,

We had a very nice and enjoyable trip in
South Korea
. The hotels were nicely located near all kinds of attractions. The food tour was a very good addition to the itinerary and by introducing us to different foods and how things work in restaurants/markets, we were able to order food more easily ourselves afterwards.

Our guides were very knowledgeable and were able to give us a lot of background information. In Yeosu/Hadong, we visited a sight that was less known but quite spectacular.

We are very satisfied with the itinerary of the trip. Because we saw both familiar and lesser-known places, we feel we really experienced a mix of South Korea. We enjoyed the beautiful nature, the interesting culture and the delicious food.

Eveline and Martine

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