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A winter adventure in the Canadian Rocky Mountains

Snowy rugged peaks, dense white forests and frozen lakes. That’s winter sports in the Canadian Rocky Mountains   where there are plenty of snow-sure ski resorts. By invitation I combine Edmonton with a visit to Jasper and experience a phenomenal winter sports adventure.

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Arctic Canada, the Unknown North

The extremes of Arctic Canada, I want to experience it. In icy cold looking for the mythical narwhal, an icon from the time of the Vikings, when thrones were decorated with the Narwal horn. Sleeping in a fluttering tent on two meters thick ice, surrounded by polar bears. I push my limits and travel north in search of the unknown.

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Yukon, Larger than Life

At the end of June, Gabrielle Deelstra made a self-drive through northwestern Canada, exploring old mining villages and scenic nature parks. “I thought yukon was going to surprise me. But that it would be so overwhelmingly beautiful, I couldn’t have imagined.”