"Thanks to each of you for making this happen for us. Our 20-year wedding anniversary could not have been celebrated better 🙂"

Ralf and Christel Seldenslach-Janzen

Canada - Untamed Travelling

In July, Ralf and Christel traveled to beautiful Canada where they drove Calgary to Vancouver through national parks such as Waterton Lakes, Banff, Jasper, Clearwater, Whistler and Strathcona.

Dear Maggie, Dear Anke, Dear Lynne, Dear staff at Untamed Travelling,

I would like to thank you and your organization for the wonderful trip we were able to make last month thanks to you. Canada has won our hearts and we can look back on a wonderful trip with a new mountain of experiences and especially thousands of photos.

Covid made us wait almost 3 years, but that wait was eventually rewarded in double figures. Thanks in part to your flexibility in repeatedly rescheduling the trip and flexibility in making the requested adjustments. The way the communication went was top notch, both in the preparations and during the trip. A great service you can be proud of.

We are now advertising you to all our travel friends and are certainly looking forward to working with you again in the future ... After all, we still dream of a grand tour through Central or South Africa / South America and so many other places.

In short: thank you to each of you (including your colleagues) for making this happen for us. Our 20-year wedding anniversary could not have been celebrated better 🙂

Best wishes to all, great travels to all and a wonderful summer 👍🌞🛶

Ralf and Christel Seldenslach-Janzen

Note: photos by: Ralf and Christel Seldenslach-Janzen

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