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Digital travel in: Botswana

Digital travel in: Botswana

We travel for the feeling of ultimate freedom, away from the known and in search of the unknown. Unique travel experiences that stimulate our senses again and that we want to continue to give you. Because travelling is not in it at the moment, but discovering the most beautiful places on earth can be done in many ways. This time we will take you to the wonderful Botswana by bringing the colours and sounds to your home.

Champagne business award

Untamed Travelling winner tailor-made travel 2016

In March 2016 we received great news: Untamed Travelling has been named the winner of the National Business Success Award 2016 in the tailor-made travel industry.

We are extremely proud! Proud of winning this prestigious entrepreneur award, proud of the honorable recognition of the success of our mission: realizing unique dream trips for our customers.