Hippos, tigers and kebabs

What was the weather in India, a country bursting with contradictions that you can lose your heart to without realizing it. It happens to me every time…


Blog Jozef India 2018

Mission snow leopard

From a homestay in Ulley at 4,500m altitude overlooking the Zankar Ridge – a mountain range of more than 6,000m adorned in eternal snow – I will look for the mystical ‘mountain ghost’, the snow leopard. A predator that lives in harsh conditions of the highest peaks of the Himalayas and is so rare and little spotted that it is on the bucket list of every wildlife enthusiast.

Thailand and Laos

Thailand and Laos, Where the world can’t find you…

Friendly, safe, rich in culture and national parks full of wildlife, the country where even the street food is ‘divine’; Thailand is for everyone! It is high time to experience this in person, and also to make use of the central location in Southeast Asia. By invitation I visit the attractions in Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai, take a trip to the beautiful Luang Prabang (Laos), and finish this eight-day adventure in Bangkok with a lively night out.

Bohemian India

Bohemian India

“A melting pot of so many cultures, empires, fortresses, beautiful colonial buildings, palaces and a world-class nature. This combined with local guides who can deliver customer service to a high level, every day, and where every restaurant is a culinary adventure.   I can recommend everyone to make this trip!” said Jozef Verbruggen about his trip through southern India.

Ladakh, paradise in the mountains

Six years ago I visited it already, this particular part of India, Ladakh. Located in the Himalayan mountain region one hour’s flight from Delhi. I was wondering if it would make such a crushing impression on me again as it did then. This time I travel in the company of travel agents who will first get acquainted with this part of India, most of them for the first time with India, a country that always guarantees a special travel experience.

Blog Japan - Carla

Japan has overwhelmed me

Just got back from Japan. The country has overwhelmed me and touched me with all its facets; modern technique versus centuries-old traditions. It is only when I return the last few days in Tokyo after our road trip through Hokkaido that I realize that all the more so.

Blog tour Japan Trees

Japan: surprisingly different

Japan is a country of great contrasts, centuries-old traditions live on alongside high-quality technology. ‘As soon as I arrived in the city of Tokyo in the city of Millions, I realised; Japan, the land of technology; the toilet at the airport is full of exciting buttons and possibilities!’

Blog Myanmar 2017 - Nand Fiems

The enchantingly beautiful light of Myanmar

In 1999 I was allowed to visit Myanmar (formerly Burma) for the first time and was especially enchanted by the indescribably beautiful light. Especially in the morning, when this colorful land awakens from garlands of mists and golden sunlight! I wanted to go back there and repaint this beauty in photography.
Thanks to the extremely wise advice and tips of Untamed Travelling I got the chance to guide eight people – with their noses in the same direction –   to this ‘light’ fairy tale.
Untamed Travelling

Untamed Travelling

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