" Thanks for this great trip. We had a top trip!"

Jacqueline, Gerard and family

Bonaire, Curacao, Suriname
Suriname - Untamed Travelling

In July, Jacqueline and Gerard traveled with their daughters to beautiful Suriname, where they visited Paramaribo, Domburg, the Upper Suriname area and Bigi Pan. The trip ended in Curaçao and Bonaire.

We had a top trip! We have seen and experienced beautiful things. I think highlights for us were Bigi Pan, Bloemendaal and Kini Pati. Our daughters were thrilled by the plantations with the beautiful pools and delicious food!

Communication was good with the travel specialist there...so when we had questions we got answers right away! The planning was good we were picked up and dropped off on time. All in all, few points of interest.

Thanks for this great trip!

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