"What we all saw was overwhelming"

Jo Vossen and Ineke van der Kaay

Tanzania's National Parks

Jo Vossen and Ineke van der Kaay made a nine-day trip through Tanzania. They visited the varied Lake Manyara NP, world famous Serengeti NP, the Crater Highlands of the Masai and hilly Tarangine NP. During the trip they stayed in tented camps.

We were pleasantly surprised to find a "Welcome home" card on our return from Tanzania. We are extremely satisfied with the trip you have put together. The lodges were very good and the meals put together with great care and taste. What we all saw was overwhelming. We were accompanied throughout the day by a very nice and very knowledgeable guide (also our driver). So nothing to complain about!

Two small points: once we were allowed to put together our lunch ourselves and the other times it was done by the people of the lodge; the first is preferable, then you can choose what you like. And second: is it possible to organize the viewing of the different parks slightly differently, so that you don't have to sit in the off-road vehicle for as long?

Thanks again and best regards,

Jo Vossen and Ineke van der Kaay