"4 happy people have returned home with a suitcase full of beautiful memories that we will carry with us for a lifetime!"

Kristien Buyse

4 lucky people have come back home with a suitcase full of beautiful memories that we will carry with us for life!

Tanzania's wildlife parks

Mrs. Buyse visited some wildlife parks in Tanzania with her husband and two others. They started their journey in Arusha, then they went to Tarangire, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Serengeti and ended their journey in Ruaha National Park.

Hi Joseph,

I will only address you as you have finally drawn up the travel program for us. Landed at Schiphol this morning. Tired but extremely satisfied after these intense two weeks. Completely relaxed mentally. All impressions have yet to be processed, that’s how intense we experienced this tour. For my husband and myself it was not our first Africa experience, for Bernard and Patricia it is. All four of us thought it was a fantastic experience.

In addition to the mostly positive points, there are a few things that I would like to mention as constructive comments. It is by no means my intention to dishonor people from the Nomad lodges. All made every effort to give us an unforgettable trip!

the last stop, Ruaha , we liked the most if I may use this term. We imagined ourselves in ‘The Garden of Eden’. Thank Jozef for including this previously ‘unknown’ reservation in the program. It was our absolute favorite.

But maybe start with the beginning. first stop, Kuro  Tarangire.  We loved the look of this lodge, the beautiful tented rooms, the location in the reserve and the game experience and also the super friendly staff. If we may raise a point of criticism: the food here was the least of all camps. However, we didn’t mind it. 

Second stop: Ngorongoro .  What lodge entamanu  As far as I’m concerned, it was an absolute highlight! Location, atmosphere of the main tent, sitting areas, restaurant, bedroom tent, quality of the food (at number 2), comfort of the tents, you name it: simply beautiful. The manager Ben also provided a very personal approach to his guests. The crater itself: glad we saw it and especially that we could experience the birth of impalas and wildebeest here. 

The road from the Ngorongoro to the Serengeti ,  via small villages and beautifully rolling landscapes, we also found a recommendation thanks to our guide Felix who suggested avoiding the ‘main track’. Felix accompanied us until our departure to Ruaha. Excellent guide who did everything to make it to our liking without being intrusive. A real kudos to him

Serengeti: Serengeti Safari Camp . To be honest, after Entamanu we had to swallow… We had expected a lot from this mobile camp, but we were actually disappointed, mainly because of its location. There was nothing, absolutely nothing charming about the location. In all fairness I must add that the sun was not much use and it was very dusty. It gave the whole thing a desolate impression. Serengeti nevertheless offers many beautiful locations and perhaps we would rather opt for a different lodge/location. The food here was the best of the four lodges. We actually found four nights here too much. 

And then we come back to Ruaha. Tour guide Ellie did an excellent job. Just adjust after the extroverted Felix but each his character. We also loved the open safari vehicle. Previously it was a car with a folding roof, but we also understand that these open safari cars are not suitable for long distances. Ruaha was, as already mentioned, a top recommendation because of nature. The sanitary facilities in the lodge were quite basic. Jug instead of tap and very primitive outdoor shower, but we gladly added that.

I forgot to mention that we spent the first night in the  Legendary lodge  and this immediately put us in the perfect mood.

In short, 4 happy people have returned home with a suitcase full of beautiful memories that we will carry with us for a lifetime!

With thanks,

Kristien Coucke-Buyse