Alex Walker's Serian Tanzania

Magical, back to basics and ultimate freedom

Alex Walker's Serian Tanzania

Magical, back to basics and ultimate freedom

Alex Walker’s Serian Tanzania

Back to basics in the middle of the wilderness

Fall under the spell of enchanting landscapes and imposing wildlife that live in the iconic Serengeti National Park. Your stay in the exclusive and small-scale safari camps of Alex Walker's Serian Tanzania are located in the middle of the habitat of many animals. Accompanied by your own professional guide, you'll set off to spot big and small wildlife on adventurous safaris. You organize your own day and the possibilities are infinite. Experience the magic of spending the night in the middle of the wilderness. The word 'serian' comes from the Masai language and means, very appropriately, 'serene', because immersed in the beauty of this natural landscape you will come to rest completely. Take a seat in front of your tent and admire the sparkling African starry sky after a delicious dinner. Finally, close your eyes and let yourself be lulled to sleep by the sounds of the wild animals. 'Where the world can't find you...'

One of the unique camps that we think you should definitely visit is:

Serian's Serengeti Lamai Camp

As if in a dream, drive by 4x4 vehicle across the vast plain of the pristine Lamai Wedge in search of wildlife before staying overnight in the stylish tents of the small-scale Serian's Serengeti Lamai Camp. Your temporary home in this jewel of Africa is located opposite Crossing Point 4, halfway through all crossings along the Mara River and is the perfect place to witness the iconic migration of the wildebeest. For the ultimate experience, go back to basics and start or end your day with a refreshing bucket shower. Reward yourself with a breathtaking sunset over the northern Serengeti and realize that unforgettable memories are now being made.

Other lodges of Alex Walker's Serian Tanzania include:

  • Serian's Serengeti Mobile Kusini
  • Serian's Serengeti North
  • Serian's Serengeti South

Tips & Tops Alex Walker's Serian Tanzania:

  • Discover the pearls of Alex Walker's Serian Kenya
  • All camps are small-scale
  • The use of private vehicle during safari activities including
  • Nothing is fixed: you determine your own schedule, activities and rhythm
  • Unwind in an environment of simplicity and respect for nature and its inhabitants
  • Experience the ultimate natural spectacle of the annual migration in Serengeti National Park
  • Guidance by expert guides during your activities

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Alex Walker Serian Tanzania,Serengeti North Camp elephants at tent
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Alex Walker Serian Tanzania dinner
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