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Latin America Cultural Summit 5

With such a rich history, Latin America is bursting at the seams of cultural attractions. Here are our five favorite museums, just some of the region’s many cultural riches.

Blog Dutch Wax

Dutch Wax

Did you know that the original dissined fabrics you buy in Africa in fabric shops come from vlisco’s factories in Helmond? A staggering amount of designs; guaranteed Dutch Wax.

The Netherlands once imported batiks from colony Indonesia. From the mid-19th century, manufacturer Vlisco produced imitation batik fabrics and then appropriated the specific washing technique as wax hollandais. Such high-quality substances were then found to have large deductions on the African market.

Safari Top 9 Africa

Safari Top 9 Africa

The word safari conjures up several images, from vast plains and huge herds of animals to Africa’s big cats tearing up prey. However, ‘safari’ is a general term for much more than that. Below you will see a list of the top 9 different safari variants, each unique and distinctive.

Ecuador capital Quito

Quito best travel destination?

Quito in Ecuador has been nominated by the World Travel Awards for the title: best tourist destination in South America 2013. The prestigious prize has been awarded for 20 years and is the Oscar for tourist destinations. The winners are chosen by travel professionals and tourists. For Quito, the nomination represents an important form of recognition.

Leopard Londolozi

Leopards of Londolozi

The end of the dry season is one of the best times to observe a lot of game. The bush is at its driest, with beautiful yellow coloured grasslands that turn golden in the sun. The perfect conditions for photographers. Photographer James Crookes regularly travels to the South African lowfield at this time of year and is never disappointed.
This time of year is also the best time to observe the leopards in Londolozi Private Game Reserve in South Africa. Enjoy the beautiful images!
Zambia 6 reasons to visit North Luangwa

Zambia: 6 reasons to visit North Luangwa

North Luangwa is a pristine and pure wilderness area, accessible only by plane. Only a few tour companies have permission to organize safaris in this remote reserve. The beauty of the park, the large amounts of wildlife and the pristineness are just some of the highlights of North Luangwa.

We are happy to convince you why North Luangwa is a must-go for the safari enthusiast!

Ngorongoro Crater Lodge

Ngorongoro Crater Lodge

As you wake up slowly, the butler fills up your bath. A dream? No, not when you wake up in one of the suites at Ngorongoro Crater Lodge. From that benevolent bath of deliciously scented oils, look out at the imposing, multimillion-year-old Ngorongoro crater.

The Ngorongoro crater is considered one of the wonders of the world and is a ‘world heritage’ of UNESCO. It is the largest intact crater in the world, packed with animals; a true piece of paradise on earth. The nickname of the Ngorogoro crater is also called ‘the Garden of Eden’ and that is not surprising, given the wildlife present. Not only does the ‘Big Five’ live here, the bird lover can also enjoy himself here. Thousands of flamingos wade into the shallow Lake Magadi, as well as dozens of other species of birds. The local Masai are allowed to graze their herds of cattle in the crater during the dry period. A spectacular sight.