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New Zealand parrot Kea is flying above the clouds at the Kepler Track.

Update Coronavirus

The coronavirus keeps us busy. Can we travel again soon? How is safety guaranteed on site and what financial security do you have as a customer? Questions about which we would like to inform you as well as possible. Travel safely with Untamed Traveling.

Blog Reisgala - Holiday Awards

Untamed Best Travel Provider Far Travel 2019

Awards for peers, chosen by peers, better known as the Oscars of the Dutch travel world. They were presented january 26 at hotel of Orange during the annual Travel Gala. Untamed was nominated in the categories Best Travel Provider Far Travel and Adventure Holidays and after the first round of voting remained on the shortlist for the award Best Travel Provider Adventure Holidays.

NBSA final

Vote for Untamed and Win a Trip to Malaysia

Last March, Untamed Travelling was officially voted number 1 by the National Business Success Award Institute in the tailor-made travel industry, an award we are proud of. As an industry winner, we are now also nominated for the Final Award which will be presented on 2 February 2017.

Champagne business award


Unprecedented pride, that’s how we feel now!

We have become NUMBER 1 in the tourism tailor-made travel industry of the   largest entrepreneur award in the Netherlands, the Business Success Award!   This award is proof that our organisation is one of the top in the Netherlands and is a leader in its own industry.

Who are we

This is us!

We started a campaign, “This is us.”” A campaign with which we want to introduce you to our level of specialism. Want to convince you of our added value in putting together the perfect travel program.

How are We going to do that?

‘We’, our travel specialists, will always develop a number of ‘Out of the Box’ travel programmes to give you an idea of our limitless possibilities to experience the area   to travel optimally. With the story behind it. And share it with you via website, newsletters and social media.


“Dr. Livingstone I presume?”

Travel in the footsteps of explorers

Untamed Travelling has organised a unique academic study trip to Malawi. Professor Jaap Lengkeek will accompany this journey ‘in the footsteps of Livingstone’. Among other things, he teaches courses at the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences on explorers.

In preparation for this trip, Prof. Dr. Lengkeek a lecture at the Village Hall in Horssen on 27 June. Here he will discuss the stories of explorers and the veracity of this historical tradition. The presentation concludes with the beautiful video documentary ‘Framing the other’.
Sign up before June 17 to attend this information afternoon free of charge. Send an e-mail to Mijke van Sanden for the presentation livingstone.

We’re live!

Untamed Travelling is a tailor-made specialist for trips to Africa, the Indian Ocean and Latin America. The passion for the profession is a common thread through our company. For example, our employees regularly travel to destinations to experience the latest changes in person. All this with the aim of being able to inform and advise customers even better.

But how do you pour this passion into a website? In close cooperation with 45north from Amsterdam, this issue has been thoroughly addressed. The end result is this wonderful responsive website.

Best Travel Provider Adventure Holidays 2020

Best Travel Provider Adventure Holidays 2020

Awards for peers, chosen by peers, better known as the Oscars of the Dutch travel world. They were presented january 25 at hotel of Orange during the annual Travel Gala. Just like last year we were nominated in the categories Far Travel and Adventure Holidays; this year we ended up on the shortlist for the Adventure Holidays Award…